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Metaforum: an event in Lugano on NFTs, metaverse and DeFi

The Metaforum event, organized by Finlantern and in collaboration with The Cryptonomist as a strategic partner, will take place on 13 June in Lugano, in the Ticino canton of Switzerland.

The event will last an entire day and will be held at the LAC museum in Lugano, facing the lake, a unique location to talk about crypto art, NFTs and more. The conference, in fact, in addition to addressing the topic of the metaverse, will also have panels and speeches dedicated to crypto, DeFi and blockchain.

Among the confirmed speakers we can find:

  • Alberto Maiorana of Sorare, 
  • David Princay of Binance, 
  • Giacomo Zucco,
  • Marco Ruffa from Pinko, 
  • Thomas Bertani of Eidoo, 
  • Federico Morgantini of Forbes Italy, 
  • Andrea Concas of ArtRights,
  • the accountant Stefano Capaccioli, 
  • lawyer Massimo Simbula, 
  • Amer Nour of Meteora,
  • Senior Blackchain Consultant & Analyst Caterina Ferrara, 
  • Alessandro de Grandi of The Nemesis, 

and many others. The list is constantly being updated.

Confirmed sponsors include Seba Banks and 21 Shares, while event partners include ArtRights, Eidoo, The Nemesis and Meteora NFT.

During the Metaforum day, there will also be an NFT exhibition with some of the greatest artists such as Skygolpe, Cesare Catania, Matteo Mauro, Marcello Baldari, Leo Caillard, Andrea Crespi, Simon Dee and many others that we will slowly unveil in the coming months.

Here are our discount codes to attend the event and get 20% off ticket prices:

  • METAVIS22CRYPTONOMIST: coupon for visitor ticket CHF 230 
  • METAVIP22CRYPTONOMIST: coupon for VIP ticket CHF 390 
  • METASUP22CRYPTONOMIST: coupon for SuperVIP ticket CHF 550

If you are in possession of Cryppo.io NFTs, the series created by The Cryptonomist and ArtRights, you can get additional ticket discounts by going to Discord and checking your wallet.c

Amelia Tomasicchio
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