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Heineken launches its beer in the Decentraland metaverse

Heineken has launched Silver Beer into the Decentraland metaverse: beer with no calories, no hidden ingredients and… no beer. This is the claim of one of the commercials presenting the product that marks Heineken’s entry into the metaverse.

Heineken silver, the beer of the Decentraland metaverse

The new beer was presented by the company with the irony that distinguishes the brand, at an event hosted on Decentraland in the presence of Bram Westenbrink, global head of Heineken. Or rather, his avatar was present. 

The beer is obviously not made with wheat, but with pixels, code and nights of tireless programming by developers. 

The thing about Heineken Silver is that, being a virtual product, it can’t be tasted, but, the company explains, as befits the Heineken brand, it fully fulfills its task of bringing people together in one place and socializing. 

This is how Heineken intends to experience the metaverse, aware that it is virtual reality. Bram Westenbrink explained:

“This year we took it a step further we’re bringing that brewing innovation to a whole new dimension the digital dimension with the launch of the new virtual Heineken Silver available exclusively here in Decentraland”.

Heineken Decentraland beer
Heineken brings beer to the metaverse

What to do with a virtual beer

Explaining the “taste” and usefulness of virtual beer was Heineken’s brewmaster Willem Van Waesberghe

Virtual beer, he said, is composed of pixels and filtered by megabytes and adapts to any firewall. Irony aside, the brewmaster was keen to make his own contribution: 

“It doesn’t get more innovative than brewing a beer in the metaverse right. What really sets Heineken silver apart from our Heineken original is that it has a lower abv of 4% and no, that does not stand for alcohol by volume but for automated byte vision. What does that mean exactly? Well, it results in a nice crisp download experience that makes it more accessible for all kinds of drinkers, and don’t worry it’s made from 100 digitalized ingredients so this is a high-quality ice-coated beer”.

Heineken brings a new way of enjoying beer into the metaverse: aware that this beer has no taste, and no calories either, the event showed that a can of Heineken Silver beer can be used for dribbling, for example, especially if the avatar of footballer Thierry Henry is there to do it.

Companies crazy for the metaverse

Heineken is one of the latest brands to want to live the metaverse. It has done so by taking its strength beyond taste: the sociality of beer. 

The company was able to turn a limitation (lack of taste) into an opportunity, proving that the metaverse can be truly boundless. This is why art, fashion and sport are entering the metaverse with their products and are determined to stay there, offering avatar-users a new way to express themselves.

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