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A projected 20,000% rise in 2022 makes RBIS a faster climber than Ethereum, 1inch or Cake

Like, Ethereum, 1-inch, Cardano, and Cake before it, analysts are projecting that RBIS, the token behind the ArbiSmart project is about to become the next big breakout coin, rising to 200 times its current value in the coming months. 

While so many other emerging altcoins barely make any impact at all, what sets RBIS apart from its competitors, making it such a promising crypto investment for 2022? 

A Foot on the Gas

The ArbiSmart project already offers automated crypto arbitrage, which uses a trading algorithm to generate passive yields of up to 45% per year, but that is just the beginning. This quarter, ArbiSmart is expanding its suite of services with the addition of a series of new RBIS utilities. 

First up is an interest-bearing wallet scheduled for release later this month. The wallet offers secure storage for both FIAT and crypto, while providing interest of up to 147% on RBIS and up to 49% on all other supported currencies.

Incredible APY

This April, ArbiSmart will also be releasing a mobile version of the platform compatible with Android and iOS devices. Users will enjoy broad functionality, with the choice to buy, sell, trade, exchange, store, deposit and withdraw funds at their convenience. 

Next month will be equally busy, with the release of a decentralized yield farming program that will enable users to provide liquidity in return for annual percentage yields of up to 190,000% and 0.3% of the fees on each trade.

Lastly, Q2  will see the launch of a collection of thousands of unique artworks and other digital items as well as a marketplace for the purchase and sale of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

All these rapid-fire developments are liable to substantially increase demand for the token. Since the token supply is limited, as demand grows, the supply will shrink, driving up the RBIS price.

An Agile Approach 

The crypto market is evolving all the time with the emergence of new trends. A successful project is able to respond rapidly to the market with new products and services that reflect the latest innovations in blockchain technology. Here is where ArbiSmart shines.

The second half of 2022 will be just as busy as the first and one of the major developments in the pipeline is a metaverse, where players will be able to earn profits playing games, buy in-game items, create new spaces, as well as purchase, develop and sell plots of virtual land.

Agile development approach

ArbiSmart is also introducing a cryptocurrency exchange in H2 as well as moving into the area of crypto banking. The company has already upgraded to more comprehensive EU authorization and will be launching crypto debit cards, IBANS and payment services later this year. 

All of these individual RBIS utilities are interwoven. So, RBIS holders can make an in-game purchase in the NFT marketplace for use in the metaverse, while just holding an NFT will mean a higher annual percentage yield with the decentralized yield farming program. By creating a fully interconnected hub where using one product or service in the ecosystem will mean beneficial terms when using another, RBIS liquidity will increase.

A Growing Audience

Last quarter, RBIS was listed on its very first exchange and ever since it has been gaining prominence, credibility and momentum.

Fast growing community

Since first being listed in January, RBIS is now available on A-grade exchanges like Uniswap, and SushiSwap and the process is ongoing. Communities build up around each exchange, so every new listing widens the audience for the token, while simultaneously adding to its liquidity and trading volume. 

As more tier-1 exchanges add RBIS, others are increasingly likely to follow suit. Between the exchange listings and the introduction of so many new utilities token demand is well positioned to soar in the months ahead. 

The RBIS price is currently around $2, yet the speed with which the project ecosystem is expanding and its embrace of the latest crypto trends from DeFi and NFTs to crypto banking and the metaverse, mean that it is on the verge of an explosion. 

Investors hoping to get in on the ground floor only have a brief window of opportunity. With projections of a 20,000% rise in 2022, it may be best to buy RBIS now before the price shoots up.

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