Staking on Bitpanda: earnings up to 27%
Staking on Bitpanda: earnings up to 27%

Staking on Bitpanda: earnings up to 27%

By Stefania Grosso - 10 May 2022

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European crypto-exchange Bitpanda is set to launch its new staking service, offering gains of up to 27% initially on 11 different cryptocurrencies.  

New staking service is now live on Bitpanda

Bitpanda is joining the exchanges offering the staking service, launching Bitpanda Staking today. Here’s the Twitter announcement from a few hours ago:

“‘But Bitpanda, you always say it’s coming soon, when is soon?’ Soon is now.

Are you ready for one click, automated staking, featuring weekly rewards from the very first week, without waiting through pesky warm-up periods? Bitpanda Staking now allows you to be as flexible as you want, without stringent lock-in periods”.

Basically, all investors will have the opportunity to earn up to 27% extra income on selected cryptocurrency wallets with just one tap in the app or web platform. 

At launch, the crypto assets available for Bitpanda Staking are ADA, TRX, XTZ, SOL, DOT, MATIC, ATOM, GRT, KSM, NEAR and LUNA while more assets will be added later in the year.

Bitpanda Staking for 3 million users

bitpanda founder

To celebrate Bitpanda Staking, Europe’s leading exchange is offering all early birds double prizes for the first month. Hence the up to 27% APR. 

What is staking? 

It’s a way of earning rewards by depositing certain crypto based on the Proof-of-Stake (or PoS) protocol. A peculiarity of Bitpanda Staking, compared to other staking services, is that the assets staked are not locked, thus remaining always accessible to investors

In this regard, Eric Demuth, CEO and co-founder of Bitpanda said:

More than 3 million people trust Bitpanda with their money because we give them full control, while we always do things the right way, not the easy way. As a company that was founded to simplify investing in crypto, we are excited to make staking as it should be: simple, straightforward, hassle-free. 

Bitpanda Staking is the easy way to put crypto at work and it offers our community the opportunity to earn additional income on selected crypto-assets, with a one-click feature that requires no prior technical knowledge. We are committed to enabling staking for more cryptocurrencies throughout the year”.

The 4 crypto ETNs listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the sponsorship in Madrid

Last month, Bitpanda had announced that it had expanded its offering, managing to list four new crypto ETNs on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in addition to the Bitpanda Bitcoin ETC that led the way. 

And indeed, the four crypto ETNs are on Cardano, Ethereum, Polkadot and Solana. Investors will be able to use these new products to access the performance of their respective cryptocurrencies, but without having to create crypto wallets or switch to unregulated trading platforms. 

Not only that, the European unicorn was also a sponsor at the 20th edition of the Mutua Madrid Open, the tennis tournament in which the women’s WTA 1000 and men’s ATP Masters 1000 competed. 

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