Italian MiSE: the incentives portal is online
Italian MiSE: the incentives portal is online

Italian MiSE: the incentives portal is online

By Marco Cavicchioli - 3 Jun 2022

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The Italian Ministry of Economic Development (MiSE) announced the launch of the new portal dedicated to state incentives and bonuses. 

MiSE announces new interface for state incentives and bonuses

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The new MiSE portal for state incentives and bonuses

The new site can be reached by clicking on the dedicated page and aims to promote awareness of the instruments financed by the Ministry aimed at companies, freelancers and administrations, including those provided for by the PNRR. 

It is basically a simple and fast search engine to search within the list of incentives financed by the MiSE. 

In particular, the portal is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs, businesses and professionals, authorities and citizens.

On the home page, in addition to the field to search for specific terms, there is also a detailed classification of the various measures and guided procedures to find incentives by following one of the following paths:

  • Startup/Business Development
  • Female entrepreneurship
  • Digitization
  • Innovation and research
  • Liquidity support
  • Investment support
  • Business crisis
  • Ecological transition
  • Social inclusion
  • Internationalization

The division by categories and related incentives 

Each incentive is accompanied by a summary sheet containing detailed information, a summary of the measure to which it refers, the target audience, what it specifically provides for, the opening and closing dates of the call, the type of enterprise that can apply for the contribution, the technical specifications and eligible costs, the territorial scope, indications to consult the necessary forms, and finally the references to facilitate the filling out of the application.

An area reserved for public administrations is also available, where up-to-date reports and data useful for planning and knowing the status of the measures in real time will be made available.

Currently, the portal only allows access to information on incentives financed by the MiSE, but it is planned that in the future it will also be open to measures and subsidies from other central administrations or territorial bodies. 

The current Minister for Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti, said: 

“It is an easy and direct tool at the disposal of entrepreneurs who courageously create new businesses and for which they can apply for subsidies to achieve their investments. By browsing the platform, one can find all the useful information on the MiSE incentives. A compass that allows one to find one’s way through the facilities provided by calls for tenders and measures dedicated to the development of the country’s productive fabric. It is an opportunity, – concludes Giorgetti – to pursue entrepreneurial ideas and projects, invest in competitiveness, enhance the territory, and cultivate and fulfil entrepreneurial dreams”.


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