Metaverse News: The Sandbox celebrates Meta Pride month
Metaverse News: The Sandbox celebrates Meta Pride month

Metaverse News: The Sandbox celebrates Meta Pride month

By Stefania Stimolo - 3 Jun 2022

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In today’s Metaverse News, there’s the new collection of 8,430 NFT avatars on The Sandbox dedicated to the month of “Meta Pride”, released by People of Crypto Lab with NYC Professional Makeup. 

Not only that, Meta Platform concludes its rebranding by also formalizing its ticker from FB to META while, the famous Italian luxury brand Gucci launches Gucci Town on Roblox, affirming its permanent presence in the metaverse. 

Metaverse News: 8,430 NFT avatars on The Sandbox to celebrate Pride month

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The first hub dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusiveness in the metaverse was created by The Sandbox

The Sandbox is reportedly collaborating with People of Crypto to launch its first hub dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusivity in the metaverse on 24 June 2022: the Valley of Belonging.

People of Crypto will also join with other brands to build metaverse projects and movements that promote cultural awareness and education, the “cultureverse”

To mark the occasion, People of Crypto partnered with NYX Cosmetics to launch a collection of 8,430 NFT avatars on The Sandbox to celebrate Pride Month, emphasizing that make-up is genderless. The non-binary NFT avatars featuring voxelized make-up looks for each group represented in the Progress Pride flag.

“United in advancing and celebrating representation, diversity and culture in Web3 @thesandboxgame is partnering with @People0fCrypto through a collection of 8,430 genesis hand-crafted, unique generated avatars!

To celebrate Pride Month, @People0fCrypto and @NYXCosmetics will release on @TheSandboxNFTs an NFT avatar collection featuring voxelized makeup looks for each group represented in the Progress Pride flag. #MetaPride”.

The NFT collection will launch on 17 June, is representative of the estimated 84.3% global majority of communities of colour and LGBTQIA+. 

In one of the most diverse collections available, avatar features will include more than 36 skin tones, every ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identification, celebrating our differences ranging from diverse abilities such as prosthetic limbs to cultural identifiers such as the hijab. 

NYX Professional Makeup will donate 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the NFT avatars to the Los Angeles LGBT Center, a total of $50,000.

Metaverse News: Meta Platform ends its rebranding 

Facebook’s famous rebranding of the company to Meta Platform, which took place last October 2021 to enhance its new core-business in the metaverse, is nearing the end of its formalization. 

By 9 June 2022, Class A common shares will also begin trading on NASDAQ under the META ticker, instead of the FB ticker used by the company’s initial public offering in 2012. 

Shareholders need not make any enquiries or take any action in this regard, while the company’s Class A common shares will continue to be listed on NASDAQ and their CUSIP number will remain unchanged. 

Recently, Meta’s head of fintech, Stephane Kasriel, had said that Facebook Pay will also soon become Meta Pay. 

Gucci builds its own permanent space in Roblox: ‘Gucci Town’

Following the Gucci Garden experience on the Roblox metaverse, now the famous Italian fashion brand is creating its own permanent space on the platform, the “Gucci Town”

It is a real virtual city, with a circular square surrounded by various buildings and spaces that encourage interactivity. Here is the description on the official website:

“A digital destination on Roblox dedicated to those seeking the unexpected, Gucci Town is a place to discover more about the House and its heritage alongside the creative vision of Alessandro Michele, as well as to express one’s own individuality and connect with like-minded individuals from all over the world”.

Scrolling down, one can see Gucci Vault’s presence in the metaverse, the business unit that houses its Web3 activities in addition to selling vintage Gucci and independent brand products. 

Gucci has been making waves not only in the metaverse. In fact, the luxury giant recently announced that it will accept 10 cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment in some US shops

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