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NFT News: Hollywood star Anthony Hopkins enters the industry

Today’s NFT news includes Hollywood star Anthony Hopkins, who publicly asked Jimmy Fallon, Snoop Dogg and Reese Witherspoon for buying recommendations. 

Not only that, Neal Stephenson is launching a blockchain project focused on the metaverse: LAMINA1, while Hong Kong regulators are stepping in to warn investors to be wary of the risks associated with NFTs. 

NFT News: Anthony Hopkins adopts Ethereum name and evaluates first purchases

Celebrated Oscar-winning actor Anthony Hopkins has publicly shared his Ethereum Name Service (ENS) name and asked Jimmy Fallon, Snoop Dogg and Reese Witherspoon for advice on NFT purchases. 

“I’m astonished by all the great NFT artists. Jumping in to acquire my first piece, any recommendations? @SnoopDogg @JimmyFallon @ReeseW”.

AHopkins.eth is Hopkins’ new ENS name, which points to a cryptocurrency wallet, just as adopted by comedian and TV host Jimmy Fallon. And it was Fallon himself who first responded to Hopkins’ request for NFT buying recommendations in the following way:

“I love your pondering photo. There a bunch of great artists out there and it’s a fun community in general. But, as the great Aaron Neville once said “I don’t know much – but I know I love you.” And that may be all you need to know. DM me”.

In reality, the famous Hollywood star is not exactly new to this industry, and actually starred in ‘Zero Contract’ last year, a film distributed using NFTs on Vuele’s film platform. 

Famous actor Anthony Hopkins is intent on buying his first NFT

Neal Stephenson’s blockchain project focused on the Metaverse

Neal Stephenson, together with Peter Vessenes, launched LAMINA1, the new Blockchain Layer 1 focused on the Open Metaverse. 

The celebrated author of “Snow Crash” in 1992, the science fiction novel that literally defined the Metaverse and inspired a generation of technology, has now stepped in to build something closer to his initial idea. 

According to reports, the Open Metaverse is a place to build something that privileges creators, both technical and artistic, that provides support, spatial computing technology and a community that supports those who are building the metaverse. At the moment, no specific details about the project have been released. 

Not only that, Stephenson also posted a roundup of tweets reviewing his vision for the Metaverse, noting that thanks to gaming, billions of people are now comfortable navigating 3D environments on flat 2D screens, rather than using headphones. 

Hong Kong: Regulators warn investors about risks associated with Non-Fungible Tokens

Hong Kong‘s securities regulator has reportedly warned investors to be wary of the risks associated with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). 

Specifically, the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission (HKSRC) said that some of these risks include:

  • the lack of liquidity in the secondary market;
  • the volatility of prices;
  • the lack of transparency in the pricing of NFTs;
  • the risk of hacking.

As such, the regulator has advised investors to consider investing in NFTs only if they fully understand the risks involved.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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