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Luna Berlusconi’s first NFT drop arrives on ItaliaNFT

Luna Berlusconi’s first NFT drop ‘Driade – La Divina’ launches today, 14 June, on the ItaliaNFT marketplace. This artwork, as a Non-Fungible Token, carries a message for women. 

ItaliaNFT: auction begins for Driade – La Divina, Luna Berlusconi’s NFT

From today 14 June, ItaliaNFT, the Made in Italy marketplace, is hosting the auction of the first NFT by artist, painter and sculptor, Luna Berlusconi: Driade – La Divina. 

“Luna Berlusconi believes beauty comes from imperfection and we could not agree more. Who’s ready to welcome her into the http://ItaliaNFT.art universe? Drop date: June 14th Preview: online now. Discover our collection: http://italianft.art/marketplace. #ItaliaNFT”.

The NFT artwork is intended to carry a message dedicated to all women. The image is of a woman with soft and voluminous forms, beautiful and sensual, seated on planet Earth, encompassing that search for harmony between the human being and cosmic balance, between the essence of sensations and that of desires.  

Driade – La Divina NFT has been created in collaboration with IGOODI, the first Italian Avatar Company founded in 2015 by Billy Berlusconi. 

The beauty of imperfection in the NFT artwork 

Luna Berlusconi added a description of her NFT artwork, which she quotes as follows:

“Beauty is no longer a dogma made of clichés, it is sensuality that is born and lives from the imperfection that is inherent in every human being. The image of a real woman evolving in her sculptural transfiguration seems to send out a crystal-clear message: balance is a fine line on which one must tread carefully, remaining true to one’s own being, without letting oneself be influenced by contour and context. In the work, it is the lifeblood, a saving drop running down the avatar’s back, that gives the necessary energy. A hypnotic NFT that is pure experience of poetry and communication, art and secular culture”.

Not only that, Driade – La Divina NFT also features an original audio track created by Vittorio Vaccaro with the Duduk, an Armenian instrument of the woodwind family that Unesco has declared a World Heritage Site. 

On this subject, the author said:

“The Duduk is capable of stirring emotions and I had no doubts about choosing it to give voice to this work of art that becomes an NFT with its enveloping sound. A primordial sound that in thirty seconds accompanies the creation of the NFT artwork”. 

ItaliaNFT and the Giro d’Italia drop

ItaliaNFT, the marketplace dedicated to the Made in Italy, recently released the Giro d’Italia NFTs with the typical pink jersey and special jerseys (white, blue and cyclamen), logos and the Trofeo Senza Fine. 

Specifically, the Trofeo Senza Fine in its NFT version was presented for the first time during the award ceremony in Verona and will be up for auction on ItaliaNFT until 22 June 2022. 

The winner will also be able to receive the four physical jerseys, i.e. pink, white, blue and cyclamen, directly autographed by the respective Giro d’Italia winners. 

The Trofeo Senza Fine is an extraordinary 3D reproduction of the real model, replicating the design of the cup with the engraved names of all the winners since 1909, including Jai Hindley, the last one in 2022. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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