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The “Undiscovered Shortcut”: how i beat the bear market and made 262% in a day


Synopsis: Bexplus Exchange is a leading cryptocurrency platform that provides copy trading, 100% deposit bonus, 21% annual interest wallet, 100x leverage, and demo accounts on various trading pairs: BTC, ETH, ADA, DOGE, XRP, etc. According to data provided by Bexplus, more than 5,000 traders on the exchange profited from the crash as of June 2022, with a top ROI of 1,366% and an average ROI of 489% for the top 100 traders.

The following is a true story about a real user who found our “Undiscovered Shortcut” and transformed his crypto trading career in just two months.

The Story of a Bexplus User

This market can only be described in one word: HELL.

Here are a few “highlights” from my year so far:

  • In less than a single day, I lost 500% of my entire portfolio.
  • Chasing my losses, I spent $3,000 to add to my position, which then vanished overnight.
  • My savings were reduced by 90% before my wife left me.

This market has been brutal, but want to know the best part? I couldn’t care less! I was able to recoup everything I had lost (and more).

It was all because I discovered a little secret that proved to be one of the best decisions of my crypto career. Finally, I discovered some “hopium” on which I could rely.

I went from losing more than half of my money in a single trade to making over 200%. I learned to trade in volatile markets nearly flawlessly and on autopilot. Everything happened in a single day.

The trading experts I followed even predicted where BTC would bottom out and exit before losing the rest of its value. I didn’t understand a single thing about market indicators or historical behavior, and I had no idea that a massive price reversal could occur in the coming weeks. All I had to do was pick someone with an excellent trading history and have him trade for me, like most traders who follow the professional traders on Bexplus do. My computer did everything automatically; I didn’t even look at the screen, nor did I realize what was going on. The money just ended up in my wallet.

I can’t wait to get into this bear market and make up for my losses 5x, 10x, or even 100x (maybe I can get my ex-wife back…)

Even in this bear market, the last two months have been the best of my trading career. To be honest, it wasn’t that difficult. I did it all on my own by copying the deals of professional traders. By the way, I’m not a professional trader; if I can do it, so can you!

I’ve spent a frustrating 2 years not knowing what I’m doing. Cryptocurrency is so confusing. Everyone feels like a scammer and everything is misinformation, FOMO, and FUD.

Anyway, with BTC hovering around $20,000 this month, I can’t decide whether to put more money in or go all in. Will it ascend to $30,000? Or will it descend to zero? I’m not sure.

Then I found Bexplus’ trend analysis on Twitter. It’s fantastic. There will be no-nonsense or big promises. Just honest, legitimate data-driven analysis. Essentially, they claim that all signs point to BTC falling to $19,000 and then gradually rising back above $20,000. I could have prepared for a bear market rather than just hanging on. They were correct. I would have entered another 4 digits in BTC if it hadn’t been for them, losing even more. Instead, I’ve recouped everything and then more.

They recommended the copy trading service (they were one of the first few platforms to launch unique copy trading with extensive experience and an industry-leading lineup of traders). All I needed to do was open a live account, and a lot of excellent traders were waiting to work for me. I chose the trader with the most followers, whose line was overcrowded and everyone was eager to join his team. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but I chose to believe in his popularity and seized the chance to follow him.

I waited a few days, and then something amazing happened:

Oops! Over 260% profit on a single trade! They were right. 

During the process of copy trading, I could also freely set the copy modes, including the copy-trade volume, ratio, as well as the take-profit and stop-loss points to control the risk. At the same time, I had the right to suspend, resume or terminate the order at any time, too. When I copied the signal, I didn’t need to copy the same amount of money put into the trade. How much I wanted to spend on the deal is entirely up to me, and then the platform did the rest.

By the way, here is the trading history of the outstanding trader who managed to keep a 119.22% P/L ratio 3W even during the crypto crash:

Last words I wanna say

I don’t know what else to say. I’ve been losing money for years, and the recent Bitcoin crash has nearly put an end to it. I had obtained a McDonald’s job posting.

This platform helped me go from rock bottom to having the best two trading months of my life. Even in a market where everyone is losing money, I am now leading and copying strong signals.

I’m ready now because something big is about to happen. All we need to do is join Bexplus to be in the best position to profit when the trend reverses. I’m not sure when that will happen, but it could be soon.

Learn the platform, pay attention to a large number of excellent traders on it, and get in their cars. You will be 99% ahead of the traders by the time the rush hits. 

Early birds catch the worms, and the people who get there early are the ones who make big profits. When the time comes, it’ll be your turn to beat the bears.

*This article has been paid. The Cryptonomist didn’t write the article nor has tested the platform.