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Play on Crypto Heroes with Cryppo and win up to 1 ETH


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Published on: 2-07-2022

Starting on 21 July, two different tournaments of the game Crypto Heroes will be held on‘s platform, in which it will be possible to participate only by holding NFTs from the Cryppo collection, launched by The Cryptonomist and ArtRights.

The Cryppo Holder tournament

Specifically, there will be 2 different matches for the “Cryppo Holder” tournament.

The first match will be held on 21 July, from 2 PM (CET) to midnight of the same day. In contrast, the second tournament will be held on 28 July, also from 2 PM (CET) to midnight.

Prizes for the “Cryppo Holder” tournament

There will be numerous prizes for those who participate in the tournament. 

The Crypto Heroes open tournament.

Beginning in August, and specifically on August 4, 2022, there will be 4 more matches each week thereafter for a more complex and high-level tournament for all Noku members in possession of at least one NFT from Cryppo.

To be precise, the Open tournament matches will be held on August 4, August 11, August 18, and August 25, once again from 2 PM (CET) to midnight of the same day.

Prizes for the Open tournament

How to participate in the two tournaments

In order to participate in the Crypto Heroes game tournaments, users must own and import into the wallet at least one Cryppo NFT per game profile. Those who have more than one Cryppo may also decide to open multiple Noku wallets and import multiple Cryppo to participate in the tournament with multiple profiles.

This will not be an advantage as it takes more time and cards to follow more, but it is still an option.

In any case, to play you will need to own at least 1 Cryppo NFT and import it to Tournaments are free admission.

How Crypto Heroes works

Cryppo NFTs are required in order to participate in the tournament

Crypto Heroes is a game built on the Noku blockchain: it is a trading card game related to the blockchain world.

Upon registration, the user will receive 20 NFTs to be used to participate in the tournament and subsequently in any other Crypto Heroes tournament.

After finding the tournament dedicated to Cryppo on the Crypto Heroes board and clicking Join you will need to field 12 cards, two of which are type A.

Noku’s NFTs are tied to one or more crypto, with corresponding multipliers. Wild cards (J) and antagonists (A) will modify the total score depending on the conditions.

The deck should be chosen carefully since the cards will be scored based on the performance of the crypto they are linked to. 

The total scores will determine the ranking position and, of course, better placement will bring better prizes.

Once the tournament starts, the user will have a few time windows in which it will be possible to change cards in order to improve their ranking position.


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