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RollerCoin, the most popular crypto simulation game


RollerCoin is the most popular online simulation game in the crypto sector. 

It is a game launched back in 2019, and has grown to have more than 2 million users in this 2022. 

It is a free online game in which players can simulate mining different cryptocurrencies while earning real rewards in Bitcoin and other crypto. 

The game involves competing against friends by simulating the mining of BTC, ETH, DOGE, BNB and RollerToken, competing in mini-games and building one’s own mining farm.

Access to the game is completely free, with no initial investment, and is compatible with any modern browser.

The highest earnings can be achieved through the referral program, as bringing new “miners” into the game can result in even more than $10 a day in completely passive income, so much so that in August last year the best player grossed more than $1,500 in a single month.

Online mining simulators have been around for much longer, but what sets RollerCoin apart is that it is a Play2Earn (P2E) simulator. It can also help non-experts learn how to mine cryptocurrencies.  

Indeed, RollerCoin’s mining simulator is easy to use for almost everyone, even those with no mining experience, thanks to a simplified interface with which users can create and grow their own virtual mining farm. 

In the future, more cryptocurrencies will also be added for mining, including also NFT mining features.

By now RollerCoin, which is developed by a group of anonymous developers, has become one of the giants in the Play2Earn crypto-arcade niche, with one of the largest communities in the crypto gaming industry. 

Its strong suits definitely include free access, with no need to make investments, and the fact that it is educational for those who want to learn more about mining. Moreover, its developers have eliminated the difficult aspects of mining altogether, while keeping it fun, and people really like that. 

In fact, the game requires no configuration at all, so much so that its motto is “all play and no work”. 

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