Up over 30%, this is the coin to buy in a downturn
Up over 30%, this is the coin to buy in a downturn

Up over 30%, this is the coin to buy in a downturn

By Crypto Advertising - 19 Jul 2022

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The cryptocurrency market had a rough second quarter, with the prices of leading crypto assets hitting fresh lows every week and the bear trend isn’t showing any sign of being over. But not all coins are in freefall, in fact some are soaring in value, one example being ArbiSmart (RBIS) which is gaining momentum by the day.

So, what’s behind the climb?

At the start of July, ArbiSmart introduced an EU authorized interest-generating wallet, which enables users to make money from their crypto in a bull or bear market. Wallet holders  benefit from secure storage, while enjoying consistent, unparalleled passive profits of up to 147% interest a year.

The wallet supports a huge range of both FIAT and  digital currencies, including traditional currencies like  EUR, USD, and GBP as well as major crypto coins like BTC, XRP, ETH, COMP, BNB, APE, AAVE, and AXS among others. Funds can be locked in savings plans for 2, 3, or 5-year periods and the interest, which is paid out daily, can be added to the locked capital on which it is being earned or it can be automatically sent to an unlocked balance where it can be accessed any time. 

ArbiSmart ecosystem

The more RBIS the wallet holder owns, the higher their account level, which determines how much interest they can earn on wallet-supported FIAT and cryptocurrencies. More RBIS also means greater voting power over the direction of the project moving forward. Balances in all ArbiSmart supported traditional and digital currencies earn up to 49% a year, except for RBIS balances that earn up to 147% a year. All these incentives to buy RBIS are likely to significantly boost token demand, meaning that wallet holders not only benefit from higher interest rates, but also from capital gains on the rising value of the token.

In addition, in the weeks and months ahead as the new wallet’s user-base grows, the token supply will diminish as an increasing amount of RBIS leaves general circulation to be held in locked savings plans for periods of between 2 and 5 years. The amount of RBIS that can ever be created is limited, so as the supply shrinks, while demand rises, the price should continue to climb. 

What are the analysts saying?

The RBIS token is already up by over 30% and analysts are predicting a rise to 54 times its current value by 2023.

ArbiSmart NFT marketplace

One of the primary reasons for this sunny outlook is that the project development team is kicking into high gear in the second half of the year and ArbiSmart will be introducing a stream of additional RBIS utilities, all of which will require use of the token. Q3 and Q4 will see the launch of a mobile application, a collection of unique digital artworks and in-game items, an NFT marketplace and a decentralized yield farming program, offering sky high rewards for staking, which include 0.3%  of the fees from each trade, plus up to 190,000% APY. These new services will be followed by an ArbiSmart play-to-earn gaming metaverse as well as a cryptocurrency  exchange.

All these additions to the ArbiSmart crypto finance ecosystem will be interlinked. So, for example, an NFT bought through the platform will be able to function in the metaverse as an avatar or in-game item. This interconnectivity will mean even higher token liquidity and demand.  

ArbiSmart crypto finance ecosystem

Even as the crypto bear market continues, RBIS holders are able to make a consistent, reliable returns with an ArbiSmart wallet. This bear-resilience is also a primary characteristic of the platform’s automated crypto arbitrage service, which offers a great hedge against falling prices and generates up to 45% a year in passive profits. 

The ArbiSmart ecosystem already offers unmatched profits in an upturn or downturn, and it is on the verge of major expansion, as new services are launched. All this is likely to drive up the price of the native token even higher generating exceptional capital gains. 

The window is closing to get in on the ground floor.  Buy RBIS today!

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