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Bitcoin and Lightning Network for e-commerce businesses

OpenNode in partnership with Launch Cart have launched a new Bitcoin payment service on Lightning Network dedicated to e-commerce businesses. 

Bitcoin and Lightning Network for e-commerce: the new service from OpenNode and Launch Cart

OpenNode has partnered with Launch Cart to enable e-commerce businesses to accept Bitcoin on Lightning Network as a payment method.

“JUST IN – Shopify competitor Launch Cart integrates Bitcoin and Lightning payments”.

Launch Cart will reportedly launch a wholesale dropshipping platform for its users, integrating OpenNode’s Bitcoin infrastructure provider that will enable e-commerce businesses to be able to accept BTC on LN as payment. 

In this regard, the CEO of the e-commerce platform Launch Cart, Greg Writer, said: 

“We are super excited to give our customers the ability to accept Bitcoin using OpenNode and the Lighting Network”.

Bitcoin and Lightning Network for e-commerce: Launch Cart’s dropshipping

Launch Cart’s new dropship marketplace is called “Source and Sell”, and it will enable e-commerce stores to list products at wholesale costs

By integrating BTC as a payment method through OpenNode, it will eliminate fraud problems and save time and costs by eliminating middlemen from the process and enabling automatic conversion of fiat currencies to local currencies. 

In this sense, e-commerce companies on Launch Cart do not need to know at a technical level about Bitcoin and Lightning Network, but only integrate them as payments for business purposes. 

Writer added:

“This will help Launch Cart grow globally and become the leader with our On-Demand platform and Source & Sell Marketplace. We feel we are a great partner for OpenNode to help them with their mission to empower and connect the world with Bitcoin”.

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network will broaden the avenues of e-commerce

LN’s total capacity record of 4,500 BTC

Yesterday came the announcement of the new record reached by Lightning Network: a total capacity of 4,500 BTC on its channels, and thus locked on the network. 

Statistics also predict that LN’s capacity is distributed globally as follows:

  • first place: US with 2300 BTC locked;
  • second place: Germany with 355 BTC of capacity;
  • third place: Canada with 151 BTC.

Italy is in 17th place, with only 14.2 BTC locked on Lightning Network. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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