How The Power Of Celebrity Is Taking Binance, The Sandbox, and Big Eyes Coin To New Heights In 2022
How The Power Of Celebrity Is Taking Binance, The Sandbox, and Big Eyes Coin To New Heights In 2022

How The Power Of Celebrity Is Taking Binance, The Sandbox, and Big Eyes Coin To New Heights In 2022

By Crypto Advertising - 30 Sep 2022

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Since the idea of celebrities came into existence, they have been used to promote projects and products to the masses. Celebrities are people who are looked up to and can shift the pop culture landscape, making them ideal for businesses looking to promote their brand to a specific audience.

Big Eyes Coin, Binance, and The Sandbox know this all too well, using celebrities and social media influencers to expand the projects’ reach to grow their user base and expose more people to the benefits their cryptocurrency provides.

In this article, we will be looking at these three cryptocurrencies and the celebrities and influencers currently working with them, to see what effect these personalities could have on them. 

Big Eyes Coin

Binance Brings The Football Home With Cristiano Ronaldo NFT Collab

Crypto giant Binance is no stranger to getting celebrities and influencers on board with their projects. From TikTok star Khaby Lame to NBA Star Tony Parker, Binance has worked with celebs across the whole spectrum of influence, including international sports stars.

One such collaboration took place earlier in 2022, when Binance collaborated with football legend Cristiano Ronaldo to create a set of NFTs celebrating the best of the sport. This collaboration is an exciting one as it will see two worlds which rarely collide, that being sports and crypto, meeting in the middle, allowing an overlap in growth for both sectors. 

Big Eyes Coin

Collaborations like these give those outside of the cryptosphere a glimpse into the space, and to dip their toes into crypto in a way that is understandable and familiar. It is an excellent way of demystifying crypto, and proving its accessibility to everyday people. 

The Sandbox Adds Paris Hilton To List Of Collaborators

Much like Binance, metaverse gaming project The Sandbox is also no stranger to celebrity collaborations for the purpose of making exclusive content to draw in new users to the crypto space.

From Playboy to Tony Hawk to Snoop Dogg, The Sandbox has collaborated with celebrities and famous brands for all sectors of the music and entertainment industry, bringing great diversity to The Sandbox metaverse and a reason for just about anyone to get involved. 

One of their most recent collaborations in 2022 was with 2000’s reality TV star and perfume mogul Paris Hilton, where The Sandbox created a Paris Hilton-themed LAND space complete with pool parties, music, and of course: Paris Hilton’s iconic dogs. 

Paris Hilton has routinely shown herself to be an avid supporter of cryptocurrency, so it is logical that she be brought into the project alongside other crypto celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Steve Aoki. It is also a great way for The Sandbox to prove its understanding and commitment to the crypto community, onboarding celebs and brands that the community actively want to see.

It is an exciting time for The Sandbox, and is also unlikely to be the last collaboration they have up their sleeve. 

Big Eyes Coin Teams With Twitter Influencers To Target Gen Z

Big Eyes Coin

Despite being the most recent entry to this list, Big Eyes Coin has already found itself able to partner with a variety of social media celebrities to push their project and the many benefits it provides users.

These celebrities, otherwise known as influencers, are particularly appealing to Gen Z and Millennial audiences, thanks to their understanding of social media and unique personal branding. As a technology that also mainly appeals to this demographic, using social media influencers makes perfect sense for crypto projects like Big Eyes Coin, as these influencers are far better equipped to talk about the topic compared to most conventional celebrities. 

One influencer that Big Eyes Coin has partnered with, for example, is a professional gamer and avid crypto enthusiast Rafa. With over 200,000 followers on Twitter and a Mutant Bored Ape to his name, Rafa is no stranger to the crypto community, making his collaboration with Big Eyes Coin a strategy with a high chance of success for the project. 

Working with respected members of the crypto community such as Rafa assures potential buyers not only of the project’s legitimacy, but provides a jumping off point for community building and discussion, which will only help in pushing the Big Eyes Coin project further. 

The promotion of Big Eyes Coin from Rafa could not come at a better time for the project- having just raised $3.2 Million, the project is officially going into its third phase of presale, which is expected to see the project garner even more attention and finances.

Big Eyes Coin

Want to find out what Rafa and other crypto influencers are talking about? Then check the links below for more information on Big Eyes Coin:




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