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Poseidon DAO: the AMA with Paulo Renftle

Poseidon DAO, today 31 October at 7 PM (CET) will hold another of its Twitter Spaces.

Unlike previous editions, this time, Poseidon will host only one artist: Paulo Renftle, who recently launched his first NFT on SuperRare. 

The AMA will focus mainly on explaining the White Paper draft released last week and will also discuss the launch of Poseidon DAO Deploy Collection #01 in collaboration with Chinese artist Yu CAI, which took place tonight and sold out in 28 minutes. Yu had already been a guest at Poseidon’s first space where she told a lot about herself and her art as well as her vision for the NFT industry.

Successful recipients of one of the 250 pieces of the work The Bar at the Train Station will receive free Poseidon DAO tokens through airdrop upon their release next month.

About Paulo Renftle

Paulo Renftle, photographer and artist, has began his career at the age of twenty, when he shot his first international campaign in Bali, for a well-known sportswear brand. His love for luxury watches and super cars led him to collaborate with the most prestigious brands in the industry. His latest artistic production is focussed on capturing the feminine beauty at the edge of the photography spectrum, from classic medium format black and white film to high end Hasselblad digital platforms defining, in different series, great contrast between Sicilian seaside, underwater and a futuristic floating environment created just by laser lights as seen on his recent drop on SuperRare, Afterlife di cui parlerà approfonditamente durante lo space.