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Algorand NFTs: amidst sustainable and copyright projects

Algorand NFTs are increasingly chosen by creatives of sustainable projects, supporting the idea that Silvio Micali’s Blockchain is green.  

Algorand NFTs and Last Survivors to support a greener, more peaceful world

Among Algorand NFTs is the latest project “Last Survivors,” a collection of Non-Fungible Tokens promoting green, clean energy and a peaceful planet. 

Introduced already last summer, the project will be available for the next drop from 15 to 22 November 2022. 

According to reports, the mission of the NFT collection is to use Algorand Blockchain’s own smart contracts to create its Non-Fungible Tokens but also to organize its own DAO. 

Last Survivors is described as intentionally accessible, intentionally fun, and with a vision to promote a healthy and peaceful planet.

Algorand NFTs and the NFT Series on track with Envision Racing

Algorand Foundation and Envision Racing’s project is also an NFT collection dedicated to sustainability. 

And indeed, the purpose of the project is precisely to raise global awareness of a healthier planet, where sustainability drives innovation today, tomorrow and into the future. 

Basically, the Algorand NFT project features 8 limited edition Non-Fungible Token helmets created by Algorand Foundation in collaboration with Envision Racing. 

Each helmet represents one of 8 different locations around the world hosting a race as part of the Formula E series. 

According to reports, all proceeds will go toward planting trees such as mangrove trees in Madagascar for Race Against Climate Change in an effort to create a greener earth. 

Blockchain-certified copyright protection

Recently, Algorand Blockchain has also been used to certify the copyright or copyright of photographs through NFTs. 

This was made possible through partnerships with Metabrand.tech, which offers consulting services to companies on the use of NFTs. And also with BK Studios, which, on the other hand, is part of one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Italy. 

In practice, Metabrand.tech has designed for BK Studios the Photochain platform, which can precisely certify as NFTs on the Algorand Blockchain the copyright of photographs and videos. 

Also in the copyright sector, last year Algorand had announced a new platform for creating an NFT marketplace together with SIAE

The Italian society of authors and publishers, SIAE, which protects trademarks and songs (with almost an Italian monopoly since 1882) to provide copyright and royalties for authors had already partnered with Algorand in 2019.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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