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Official: Lucky Block is the most explosive crypto of 2022

The crypto Lucky Block, following the launch of the token presale in early December 2021 and the huge success that ended in late January 2022, is poised to become one of the most promising cryptocurrencies in the blockchain world. 

Lucky Block differs in its innovative project centered on a blockchain-based crypto lottery that will revolutionize the gambling world across the board. Moreover, the first few weeks of the new year saw crypto Lucky Block successfully close its presale phase. 

As a result, its value has skyrocketed and we are likely to see it soon in upcoming listings on the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. 

In detail, what is Lucky Block crypto?

Lucky Block is a blockchain platform for lotteries and other random-based games of chance. The platform uses decentralized smart contracts to make the whole process fair and transparent. In concrete terms, this means that all calculations, payments and withdrawals are decentralized.

In fact, Lucky Block’s founders say that traditional lotteries have some disadvantages, which negatively affect players’ transparency and win rates.

This is why the creators of Lucky Block set themselves the goal of developing a globally usable lottery platform that is organized in a decentralized manner and based on blockchain technology.

Using this technology, a high degree of transparency can indeed be achieved, as all transactions and processes are recorded on the blockchain and can be viewed by everyone. This provides a higher level of trust than traditional lotteries.

The decentralized organization also ensures that the platform is significantly more secure than a central server or physical drawing methods. Central servers are vulnerable to hacker attacks, and analog designs can be manipulated relatively easily.

In addition, decentralized platforms such as Lucky Block have clear advantages over traditional systems in terms of cost. Drawings and payouts can be made with minimal administrative effort. This allows for higher win rates and significantly faster payouts.

How the Lucky Block crypto project works 

As already anticipated, Lucky Block is preparing to revolutionize the field of online gambling and gaming (an industry that will be worth $433 billion in 2026). However, there are many exceptions, depending on the country in which people bet or play online.

In the case of Lucky Block, its lottery games will be accessible to anyone from anywhere, which should translate into significant jackpot prizes for participants. However, for crypto Lucky Block this is not all. 

Indeed, Lucky Block aims to create a global lottery based on blockchain technology. The project is set on the Binance Smart Chain. The blockchain is ideal for this use case because it is secure and also enables fast and cheap transactions. 

Because of these properties, Binance Smart Chain can be an alternative to Ethereum and thus a good choice from Lucky Block.

In any case, the Lucky Block lottery is no different from traditional lotteries in the way it works. Players can purchase a ticket for the upcoming draw for the price of one Lucky Block crypto. Users can also purchase multiple tickets to increase their chances of winning.

After the deadline for accepting bets has passed, the winning ticket will be drawn. The draw will be performed randomly using a “Random Number Generator.” This randomness ensures that the draw is not rigged. 

After the draw, winners are automatically credited with their winnings. In most cases, winnings are paid out immediately after the draw.

A special feature of Lucky Block is the distribution of profits: while 70% of the jackpot goes directly to the winner, the remaining 30% is distributed to token holders, nonprofit organizations, and the Lucky Block fund.

Why is Lucky Block innovative and special? 

The innovation of the Lucky Block system is special because it consists of a true alternative to the old lottery system. 

Which are generally centrally organized, lack transparency, involve high costs, and are susceptible to hacker attacks. In particular, the high administration costs ensure that players have very low odds of winning and must place relatively high bets so that lottery companies can operate profitably.

And this is where Lucky Block differentiates itself: by aiming to offer a more transparent, fairer, safer, and more profitable alternative. With decentralized functionality, this lottery is less susceptible to hacker attacks and can also operate much more efficiently.

In addition, there are huge cost savings compared to traditional lotteries; players benefit from higher odds and more frequent draws.

The ingenious design in marketing: the campaign 

Regardless of how remarkable a cryptocurrency project is, without the right marketing campaign, the project will not receive visibility. This is crucial when considering that there are now more than 16,000 digital currencies listed on CoinMarketCap.

With this in mind, the Lucky Block team has organized a huge marketing campaign that will be executed on a global scale. At the moment, the Lucky Block crypto has already been displayed in London, with the cryptocurrency advertised on subways, cabs and buses. 

This is happening in conjunction with a significant content marketing campaign that will consist of articles, press releases and market insights on Lucky Block. In addition, soon Lucky Block and its promotional campaign will also land on the Italian market.

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