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Pinko arrives in the metaverse again with its new NFT collection

Italian brand Pinko dives back into Web3, launching its new NFT collection. The project highlights one of its best and best-selling products: the Love Bags.

The capsule will be named MetaLoveBag, and will offer a series of meta-physical versions of the famous Italian bags, revisited in a more artistic and creative form.

Pinko and the world of NFTs

On 7 November, Pinko released its newest NFT collection. The theme that Pinko and its team want to express is a message to women, to inspire and incentivize them to be more daring and courageous, both in dressing and living. The brand brings creativity to the virtual landscape by introducing and engaging its fans in the next generation of experiences through Web3 and the metaverse. The method of purchasing the collection is very simple, just follow the procedure via guided path with your smartphone. 

Becoming a holder of one of Pinko’s Non Fungible Tokens leads to a number of benefits, including early access for future Pinko NFT drops, the exclusive role of VIC (Very Important Customer) in the community, which will be launched in 2023, and participation in special sales or private events. 

CEO and founder, Pietro Negra, said:

“This is the first collection that can be purchased by our customers, a taste of the Pinko metaverse. We are seeing a very turbulent market situation for digital assets and cryptocurrencies. We see a future where NFTs can be a real element that symbolizes a sense of brand ownership.”

Pinko could become a fashion mogul in the Metaverse

“Clearly the industry is in a phase of great turmoil and experimentation, there are no business best practices to apply. This is why we decided to give a digital voice to our mission statement ‘Inspire woman to play bold,’ and what better environment than the metaverse can grant us the opportunity to expand our vision of engagement for our female consumers?”

Pinko’s goals are clear; this is already the second collection to be launched by the famous Italian brand, and it certainly won’t be the last. 

In conjunction with its first launch, which took place in June 2022, Pinko, also launched in the metaverse its Parisian fair booth, a true interactive concept store where visitors can connect with Pinko’s space through four different channels. Pinko’s goal, with initiatives like these, is precisely to bring its business into the interaction between physical and virtual

The CEO of Pinko, really seems to have clear ideas regarding Pinko’s future in the metaverse: 

“The goal of the brand is to create a first and original ecosystem, a meta-commerce that will be accessible thanks to NFT collections and around which to develop a new and interconnected Pinko community.”

PINKO’s NFTs are not to be missed, opening doors for the customer to the new world of the metaverse, creating an exclusive community, with live events as well as digital events and many more collections planned for the future.