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Poseidon DAO, Deploy Collection #02 sold out in 2 minutes

On the evening of 28 November at 9 PM (CET) Poseidon DAO launched the second work in the Deploy Collection series in collaboration with artist Orkhan Isayev.

The work, VICTORY Aeromobile – Artemis Classic Y5, follows the one in collaboration with Yu Cai launched last month.

As for the artist’s peculiarities, an in-depth article was published in the Poseidon blog; a part of it reads:

“In Orkhan Isayev‘s art, retrofuturism and cyberpunk come together in the construction of a visual imaginary poised between nostalgia for the past and inevitable dystopian drift. A world that, at least initially, is conceived as a kind of golden age, the so-called Great Utopia, a time of social order and decorum, in which the urban structure of cities is the result of the combination of the preservation of ancient monuments and the development of advanced technology, just as someone who lived between the Roaring Twenties and the 1940s would have imagined it.”

In fact, the artist himself states that: 

“I was interested in Futurism from an early age, but I also always liked 20th-century nostalgia because it was very intense, and I was always looking for ways to show it together.”

Similar to the first edition, all those who purchased VICTORY Aeromobile – Artemis Classic Y5, will be entitled to a free airdrop of PDN tokens, both when the purchase was made in the primary market and when an additional snapshot will be taken before the token launch for those who purchased in the secondary market.

Details of the third edition of the Deploy Collection have not yet been officially announced, but will be unveiled soon through Poseidon DAO‘s official social channels.