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Oryen Network The Next Crypto To Explode, AXS And KCS Didn’t Make The List


The crypto space provides unlimited possibilities for investors and solid projects alike. Consider the statistics if you need help deciding which cryptocurrency to invest in. Oryen is ready to explode, considering its ongoing ICO success. According to Business2Community, ORY is among the hottest new crypto projects to buy, and its performance is record-breaking. 

Its current presale 7 price of $0.21 is a whopping 320% price increase against its debuting price of $0.05. The price will increase further, culminating in its $0.35 launch price. ORY is shaping the crypto space with innovative utility tools that propelled it to heights that AXS and KCS couldn’t attain.

Oryen (ORY)

Is Oryen the next cryptocurrency to explode? All indications favor this crypto project which has elicited exciting discussions in the Reddit community and YouTube reviews. Steven Clarke details why investors should invest in ORY in his video reviews.

Investors are sure of guaranteed returns, thanks to the project’s solid framework and the innovative team behind its success. The Orygen Autostaking Tecnic (OAT) brings what investors have been yearning for in an investment platform. As a result, investors can buy, hold and earn. With no token vesting, Oryen auto airdrops tokens at $0.35 – the launch price. All ICO buyers get equal chances.

OAT auto-compound rewards return a daily ROI of 0.177% and yearly yields of 90%. Incorporating a liquidity pool ensures that adverse market conditions do not affect ORY investors’ returns. 

The risk-free value (RFV) wallet cushions against volatilities and allows ORY holders to realize high returns. In addition, in-house treasury support provides additional funds to ensure the unending availability of gains. 

Axie Infinity (AXS)

Axie Infinity is a crypto game aimed at building a pet’s digital kingdom through battles. Holders get rewards by staking AXS tokens. By staying in the game, the player participates in governance votes.


KCS is a KuCoin utility token that helps users settle fees in the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange. KCS facilitates passive income for its investors through profit sharing. Users get rewards in the form of discounts for trading in KuCoin. The users also get a KuCoin bonus as an incentive based on the number of KCS they hold and the trading volume.


With the daily launch of new cryptocurrencies, you can quickly gauge the ones that will stand the market battering through their ICO performance. ORY is achieving this feat by riding on its innovative tools that cater to investor interests. However, AXS and KCS needed to be more convincing to surmount adequate challenges amidst harsh markets.

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