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SmarterWorx (ARTX) Attracting Attention Of Fantom (FTM) And Solana (SOL) Whales


Crypto whales are (usually) anonymous investors taking huge positions in digital assets. For a project to succeed, its tokenomics should stand tall to convince these whales to invest in the platform since they are the parties who determine the future prices of a digital asset with their ability to influence the price. Such success credited to whales can be observed from the overall performance of smart contracting platforms Solana and Fantom before the onset of the current bear market.

Solana and Fantom’s performance before the bear market

Solana and Fantom belong to a crypto asset class called ‘Ethereum Killers.’ This is because their networks can accommodate platforms and Web3 in the same way as Ethereum, the largest smart contracting platform. These two projects, however, offered to improve Ethereum’s shortcomings, including speed, cost, and scalability.

Ethereum is known for slow speeds and high gas fees. Solana and Fantom offer significantly high speeds and cheaper rates of transactions. These tokenomics attracted whales, and as a result, the projects have raised a lot of funds and garnered a lot of success.

Early birds are about to make massive returns as SmarterWorx surfaces

SmarterWorx will make early retailers massive returns because its operations are unique and attractive to the marketplace. The project’s white paper reveals a clear roadmap for what SmarterWorx plans to achieve. The project is currently in presale, raising funds to commence working on the ecosystem. During the entire presale period, ARTX tokens, the native utility token of the platform, will be on sale for a discount versus launch price. 

After the presale, the platform will establish a treasury fund to promote the development of new rare and unique digital art presumed to be undervalued by NFT artists. Holders of ARTX tokens will have the ownership rights of the expensive art acquired by the protocol making it a lucrative investment deal for retail investors who love art. As the portfolio grows, the team will embark on offloading projects at a profit, where half of the principal will go back to the treasury fund. The remaining half will be used to buy back and burn ARTX tokens, releasing them permanently from circulation.

SmarterWorx will also incorporate new technology to enhance its decentralization, the treasury. This move will allow all decisions to be passed by a majority of its token holders, who will vote in favor or against projection decision proposals.

In addition to the reforms, SmarterWorx will be governed by a decentralized autonomous organization dubbed SmarterWorx DAO. Community members who own ARTX tokens will be eligible to participate in the DAO activities. SmarterWorx will greatly benefit early buyers. Purchase ARTX tokens and become a member of the fastest-growing DeFi protocol.

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