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The 7 Most Interesting Cryptocurrencies to Keep an Eye on in 2023


As the bear market approaches its low, it is the perfect time to consider which tokens to keep an eye on in 2023. If you’re struggling to find any safe assets, don’t worry, in this article we’ll show you seven of the most interesting cryptocurrencies you should have on your watchlist for 2023. 

1. Metacade (MCADE) – One of the most interesting cryptocurrencies of 2023

As the gaming world moves ever closer to play-to-earn (P2E), the need for custom platforms is increasing. Metacade, a community-based platform designed specifically for P2E gaming, appears for this very purpose. In Metacade you will discover spaces to connect with other gamers, a virtual arcade with exclusive titles, and several ways to earn more from P2E gaming. 

One of Metacade’s main ambitions is to make its platform a one-stop store for all things GameFi. That’s why you’ll discover rankings, reviews, forums, chat, and the most interesting alpha versions shared by industry experts, all designed to help you get ahead. To encourage GameFi‘s brightest minds to share their knowledge with others, Metacade offers MCADE tokens to users who contribute reviews, tips, and other useful content to the community. Regardless of your gaming experience, you can earn simply by making Metacade the ultimate destination for P2E gaming. 

But that’s not all. Metacade not only allows gamers to earn more from P2E gaming, it also allows gamers to directly shape the future of the titles they play. In late 2023, Metacade will award its first Metagrant, a feature that allows the community to direct funding to developers who create the most coveted games. 

First, developers enter their ideas into one of Metagrant’s contests. Then, MCADE holders vote on their favorite idea, and the winning project receives funding from the Metacade treasury. The finished title is then added to Metacade’s virtual game room for anyone to play and try. 

Of course, it would not be a true Web3 platform without decentralization. Once the development of the platform is complete, the core team of Metacade plans to step down and transform the community into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Elected members of the community will manage the platform, and MCADE holders will be able to propose and vote on changes to the platform. Meanwhile, Metacade will become the world’s first community-run virtual arcade. 

If you have any concerns about the security of Metacade before and after this event, know that there is no reason to be. Metacade has been approved by Certik, one of the leaders in blockchain verification, security and transparency. Certik performed extensive checks on Metacade’s team, smart contract code and tokenomics to ensure user protection. Metacade also uses multi-signature (multi-sig) wallets, which require two or more private key signatures in order to authorize transactions from the treasury. This feature will remain constant even after Metacade’s transition to DAO. 

With the GameFi market expected to soar in 2023, it is easy to see why Metacade is one of the most in-demand cryptocurrencies right now. Its community-centric approach is almost certainly a hit with new P2E players, and features like the Metagrant and generous rewards only make it more attractive. Most importantly, the native MCADE token is still in presale, which means that now is the perfect time to participate before the platform increases in popularity! For these reasons, Metacade is the number one cryptocurrency for 2023. 

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2. Ethereum (ETH) – The leading utility token has big plans for 2023

Ethereum is the second most valuable cryptocurrency and the world’s leading smart contract platform, a title yet to be contested. While Bitcoin is known for its “digital gold” status, Ethereum is sometimes referred to as “digital oil” due to its wide use in decentralized applications (dApps), DeFi projects, and NFT collections.  

Although there are a number of Ethereum’s rivals (including some prominent cryptocurrencies on this list), none have achieved Ethereum’s success and level of adoption. For example, as of mid-December 2022, Ethereum accounts for about 57 percent of the total value locked in the entire DeFi ecosystem, more than 5 times its closest rival, BNB Chain (DeFiLlama). 

With the implementation of sharding in the fall of 2023, a move that is expected to increase Ethereum’s transaction speed to over 100,000 transactions per second (TPS), it is almost certain that this dominance will continue. For this reason, Ethereum is one of the most interesting cryptocurrencies for 2023.

3. Cardano (ADA) – Does calm and perseverance reward?

Cardano is one of the tokens that most threatens Ethereum’s position within Layer 1. Launched in 2017, Cardano’s developers sought to create a secure platform capable of executing smart contracts at scale. Despite some criticism for being too slow in developing the network (it did not introduce smart contracts until 2021, for example), Cardano’s founders argue that their rigorous approach, backed by academic research, is critical to the stability and security of the network. 

This approach has been characterized by five development phases, each focusing on a specific area of improvement to be implemented. The current phase, Basho, deals with scaling up the Cardano network. This includes the phased implementation of Hydra in 2023, a scaling solution that could theoretically bring Cardano’s TPS to over 1 million. When that happens, Cardano could become one of the fastest blockchains on the market, causing a flurry of new investment. Although we do not yet know how successful Hydra will be, Cardano ranks third as one of the most interesting cryptocurrencies of 2023. 

4. Polygon (MATIC) – Multiple collaborations with big names could benefit the development of MATIC

Polygon is a framework and protocol that allows developers to achieve scalability while using the Ethereum blockchain. It is the leading layer 2 solution that supports and extends Ethereum’s functionality quickly and at low cost. This opens the door for developers looking to create on Ethereum who had previously been discouraged by its low performance and high gas fees. 

Even Ethereum’s aforementioned transition to sharding has not stopped some of the world’s largest companies from getting involved with Polygon. Starbucks, Reddit, Nike, and Meta have begun using Polygon for their NFT projects. The results of this move? The number of NFT buyers on the network has increased by more than 200 percent and sales have increased by nearly 93 percent as of mid-December 2022. Add to this the recent entry into the Disney Accelerator program, and you undoubtedly have one of the most interesting cryptocurrencies of 2023 on your hands. 

5. Toncoin (TON) – Telegram’s cryptocurrency.

As far as cryptocurrencies go, Toncoin is very interesting right now. Toncoin is closely tied to Telegram, the popular messaging app that now rivals Snapchat in number of monthly active users (Statista). Why is it closely linked? TON, or The Open Network, was created by the co-founders of Telegram but faced litigation with the SEC. This forced them to suspend development of the Telegram network and release their work for open-source development to launch in 2022.

Despite the order to cease development of TON, this did not stop Telegram from integrating it (legally) into its app. In October 2022, Telegram launched Fragment, a decentralized auction platform. Initially, only usernames could be bought and sold. However, in early December, Telegram announced that users would be able to access SIM-free membership using a blockchain-based number that could be purchased on Fragment. 

As the web moves toward a decentralized and “trustless” future, privacy-focused apps like Telegram will play a much larger role than they do now. With Toncoin leading the way, it is easy to say that TON will be one of the most interesting cryptocurrencies of 2023.

6. Chainlink (LINK) – Partnerships coming up with governments around the world?

Chainlink is an Oracle Decentralized network that aims to bridge the gap between on-chain and off-chain data and does so by acting as an intermediary between a data source and a particular blockchain. For example, many DeFi projects use Chainlink to access reliable price data and facilitate communication between chains. However, Chainlink’s long-term ambition is to connect the traditional financial industry with the blockchain industry, enabling banks to communicate reliably with each other’s blockchains. 

Chainlink plays a key role in the cryptocurrency world. Despite this, few, if any, have approached its incredible innovation in the field of decentralized oracle networks. These high barriers to entry make Chainlink an unstoppable force, especially given the need for oracle networks when it comes to central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). 

Given the minimal competition it faces, Chainlink is likely to become the “oracle “preferred by governments around the world. With 50 countries currently developing or testing their own CBDC (Atlantic Council), Chainlink could record an excellent 2023, becoming the sixth most attractive cryptocurrency of the moment. 

7. Filecoin (FIL) – Decentralized storage is set to soar in 2023

Filecoin is a decentralized file storage network that allows users to rent their free hard disk space in exchange for FIL tokens. Unlike traditional centralized cloud storage providers, such as Dropbox, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, Filecoin uses a decentralized system in which individual providers compete to offer storage at the lowest price. This has led Filecoin to offer storage that is 99.5 percent cheaper than centralized services (CoinTelegraph). 

One of the main problems Filecoin aims to solve is the centralization and censorship present in the cloud-storage industry. Currently, a handful of industry titans hold significant market share and are able to impose terms and fees on users. Filecoin’s decentralized approach enables a more equitable, censorship-resistant and tamper-proof storage system.

In addition to a recent report by Huobi predicting that decentralized storage would see an increase in demand in 2023, Filecoin is also working on implementing smart contracts that can link to the Ethereum chain. When this happens, Filecoin’s adoption rate could surge, which is why it is the seventh most attractive token in 2023. 

Metacade (MCADE) is the most interesting cryptocurrency of the moment

The seven most interesting cryptocurrencies listed below are all set to outperform in 2023. Ethereum is likely to continue its reign, while projects like Polygon and Chainlink seem to be moving in a positive direction despite the bearish cryptocurrency market. However, when it comes to the best investment opportunities for 2023, Metacade emerges as the clear winner. 

With a strong position in one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, a number of useful features designed for the gaming community, and a solid commitment to decentralization and security, it is clear that Metacade is destined for success. If you feel the same way, we suggest you check out Metacade’s presale as soon as possible.

Already over $1.25 million worth of MCADE tokens have been purchased by investors eager to ride the GameFi trend. Fortunately, MCADE is still in the presale stage, so buying some tokens now could increase your chances of making money in the long run. 

In phase 1 each MCADE is worth $0.08 and the price increases in each of the 9 phases. In the last phase, it will be worth $0.02, which means a 2.5-fold increase. Getting in early on this incredibly exciting project will be your best bet for outstanding returns.

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