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Transform Your Crypto Portfolio When You Buy Big Eyes Coin, Polkadot and XRP


The coin market is filled with thousands of assets. Traders can make money from each of these assets when they buy and hold them in their crypto portfolios. If the price of a digital asset increases while in a trader’s portfolio, its overall worth will increase. The gains or profit the trader will enjoy is dependent on the value of the asset when they purchased it compared to its current value. This is where the element of risk is present as the value of the asset could either increase or decrease.

To get the best out of your crypto portfolio, you need to buy the right tokens. It’s easier said than done. This piece will give you all the information you need to learn about the crypto tokens to transform your portfolio – Big Eyes Coin, Polkadot and XRP.

Big Eyes Coin

XRP – One Of The Largest Cryptocurrencies Around

XRP is a cryptocurrency developed by Ripple Labs. This cryptocurrency was designed as a payment settlement, remittance and asset exchange system. It would function similarly to SWIFT. Financial institutions use SWIFT to process international monetary and security transfers. XRP has withstood the test of time and maintained its position as one of the largest cryptos in existence. This is expected as it was released not too long after Bitcoin.

XRP is pre-mined and is less complicated to mine compared to BTC. During XRP’s early days, the company functioned as a peer-to-peer trust that allowed users to offer credit to each other. However, this utility failed to take off. It wasn’t until 2012 that XRP started to process large money transfers. Using XRP, large money transfers could be processed in a few moments, while traditional banks had numerous processes that took days.

big eyes coin

Today, XRP describes itself as a global payments network that can process blockchain and non-blockchain transactions. All you need is a digital representation of whatever currency you wish to send.

Polkadot – Utilising Unique Blockchain Technology

Polkadot’s release signaled the start of a new era for the coin market. Many were thrilled by Polkadot’s features because it answered a significant problem in the ecosystem – decentralization.

When cryptocurrencies were released, they were touted as decentralized systems that allowed users to bypass the traditional ways of doing things. However, as more projects are released into the coin market, decentralization has become a problem. We now have several individual blockchains incompatible with one another. That’s where Polkadot comes in.

The aim of Polkadot’s blockchain is to merge the numerous blockchains on the coin market. Its developers picture an ecosystem where individual blockchains can communicate with each other.

big eyes coin

Since its inception, Polkadot has gradually connected with several top blockchains. It allows data and value to be sent across multiple networks. This way, it’s possible to enjoy the features of numerous blockchains at once. Polkadot is a proof-of-stake cryptocurrency. DOT is the token symbol and powers the entire network. It’s paid as gas fees and earned as a reward for staking.

Big Eyes Coin – The Meme Coin Looking To Make A Difference

Meme coins have proven that they can give traders massive gains. Coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have challenged the status quo in the meme sector, producing millions for many people who timed their purchases well. Big Eyes Coin is another meme coin that wants to create a unique ecosystem in the coin market and is demonstrating it has the ability to replicate or surpass the experience of its predecessors.

Big Eyes Coin has a unique cat-themed graphic that’s cute and satisfying. This approach shows that Big Eyes Coin is not scared to stand out in the coin market. Like other top meme coins, Big Eyes Coin is a community token. There’s an ever-growing community of people joining the project. Its presale is quite successful and in its eleventh stage. This project has raised about $28m worth of funds during the presale.

big eyes coin

Big Eyes Coin is one of the few crypto tokens with a detailed roadmap on how it plans to give back to users. It has something for everyone, including a dedicated charity wallet for those who are environmentally conscious, alongside plans for an NFT collection and massive influencer campaigns to solidify their position in the crypto market.

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