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Crypto: Yandex is on it in Russia

Russia’s top search engine has implemented dedicated consultation with different crypto assets, after much information was inhibited to the country’s users.

Russia has long suffered censorship by many international websites regarding crypto, and this generates a problem for local investors.

Yandex, Moscow’s leading search engine, has expanded its consultations regarding digital currencies by filling the gap due to censorship.

The crypto situation in Russia

Russia, which has been always undecided on whether to consider crypto an opportunity or a problem, has become clearer with the advent of the war in Ukraine.

Crypto assets represent an opportunity, as well as a necessity when the international community places vetoes and blockades.

The Russian people do not have access to all digital assets, and for a trader or just a thirst for knowledge this represents a problem.

In 2021 the Law on Digital Financial Resources saw the light of day despite the fact that this is still not very comprehensive.

The transactions of dApps in particular are still poorly regulated, as is Bitcoin insufficiently so.

The draft law already under discussion in the Duma should finally see the light of day in 2023.

Meanwhile, before the end of last year, the bill on crypto mining and its use for commercial exchanges was passed.

Yandex, a modern Prometheus

Censorship does not allow Russian investors to have a clear view of financial instruments, and among them an important part are cryptocurrencies.

Yandex, the Google of Moscow, has filled the gap and just as Prometheus gave fire to humans, so the search engine gives knowledge to traders.

The Kremlin’s largest search engine has implemented numerous digital currencies into the conversion function.

Not only the value of various crypto assets but also their exchange rates into major fiat currencies such as dollar, Yen, Ruble, Euro etc.

The Russian website features crypto – fiat currency but it will also add crypto – crypto pairs in the near future.

With the latest upgrade, users of the Yandex search engine will be able to document and follow the performance of more than 140 of the most popular crypto assets.

Both the value of digital currencies and their genesis and functions will be searchable by the Russian people.

In addition to the notions, description and prices, the website has added both candlestick charts and classic trends.

The update, most important for financial traders in the country of the Czars, appears directly above the search engine bar.

The news was disclosed in addition to the site itself by the Rb.ru news agency, which quoted Yandex and described its new features in great detail.

Yandex also features indexing and has the ability to search by keywords, technical jargon or queries even if inaccurate.

The digital currencies that can be converted through the tool can be translated into Russian rubles but also into major international currencies.

In addition to the currency and crypto pairs implemented to date, more will follow in the future according to the same website.

Yandex also makes it possible to check the value of major precious goods or minerals.

The Russian search engine reported that it relies on data provided by CoinGecko, one of the most established crypto portals as explained by Rb.ru.

In 2022, Yandex recorded a boom in searches for some crypto assets in particular, among them in the top five are the most popular ones.

The most searched cryptocurrencies with Yandex in 2022 were Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Solana, the data is for the most searched queries.

The problem is not the global adoption of the notions, the whole world now knows about cryptocurrencies and uses them.

However, the Russians are being penalized regardless of the government’s wartime action by seeing important tools such as Google censored.

RBC Crypto explained that Twitter itself, which is very careful about freedom of speech, has blacked out all info found by Russian users on certain cryptocurrencies.

For this very reason, Yandex’s upgrade is in timing and substance a lifesaver for many Russian financial traders.

George Michael Belardinelli
George Michael Belardinelli
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