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Big Eyes Coin Is Following the Path of Pioneer Coins like Chainlink


The new meme coin sensational Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has been generating a lot of buzz as it draws investors and traders in. In the midst of what has so far been an outrageously promising presale, it is set to launch into the crypto market like fireworks. In this article, we will explore what makes Big Eyes Coin a safe bet for investors and crypto users and examine the similarities between it and Chainlink (LINK).

The right crypto purchases have made millionaires out of several investors and trades. By understanding how the crypto market works, investors and traders have managed to turn their lives around financially. Ever since the days of the first crypto asset, the crypto industry has been profitable and appealing for investors and traders. When Bitcoin (BTC) made its first debut, not many bought the idea of a digital currency. Some even went so far as to call it a Ponzi scheme, while others labeled it a fad. However, when those who believed recorded huge profits, everyone changed their tune, and the crypto market expanded rapidly. Now, the market that started with a single coin now houses well over 12,000 crypto assets.

With the numerous options available thanks to innovative developers, investors and traders are now faced with the difficult task of sifting through the numerous coins available in the market to pick the ones that show the most promise. Not all the coins in the market have the potential to provide massive returns for their investors. The crypto market volatility certainly does not help, but investors have to figure out which coins would make it in the long run. Some coins have interesting features that make them appealing to investors and crypto users alike.

Big Eyes Coin

Chainlink (LINK): Decentralized Network of Oracles

The crypto asset acts as an abstraction layer for blockchain. Chainlink (LINK) allows smart contracts to be distributed between networks and includes a decentralized oracle network. The oracle network facilitates secure blockchain interaction with off-chain data sources and payment mechanisms. By taking this route, the crypto asset is able to pave the way for a sophisticated smart contract to replace conventional digital payment methods.

The crypto asset was not designed on a whim but is a well-thought-out and researched project. In making the Chainlink (LINK) platform, researchers, security auditors, and data producers contributed their two cents. All operators who had an idea of how to improve the platform were able to do so in a decentralized manner. The platform also verifies Oracle providers’ track records, combining the information gathered to verify authenticated data.

This process is a long and complicated one. The crypto asset makes use of a three-step procedure dubbed oracle selection, data reporting, and result aggregation to improve communication between smart contracts and blockchain. The crypto asset has also been used to distribute non-fungible tokens, personal savings, and cryptocurrency token supply recalibrations. By making use of blockchain technology, Chainlink (LINK) allows for computations both on and off the blockchain, thus supporting hybrid smart contracts.

Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes (BIG):  A High-Value Meme Coin

Big Eyes (BIG) is set to be an incredibly valuable crypto asset for investors and traders in the coming days. Although the coin is still in its presale stages, it has become popular among crypto users. This holds great promise for the coin in the crypto market. The meme coin follows its predecessors and is making an impact among investors and traders. Big Eyes (BIG) stands out from among the other coins in the crypto market due to the incredible use cases it offers. Its useful features and vibrant ecosystem are attractive pulls that lull several investors and traders to pitch their tent with the coin. The meme coin is invested in the DeFi ecosystem and offers something different that cannot be found in the crypto market. The coin is also community driven and is dedicated to improving the financial status of its users.

Right now Big Eyes is making a huge splash in the market with its presales. Having set a target of $50m, it is already more than halfway there and is currently offering exciting loot boxes which contain sealed mystery rewards for buyers. The advantage of these boxes is that you either get a reward equal or more than the amount you paid to acquire them!

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