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Comparing ERC20 Tokens: Aave, Decentraland, and New Crypto Raboo


After the Bitcoin halving event, ERC20 tokens are coming to the fore. Aave and Decentraland are two well-established Web3 coins that have experienced differing fortunes over the past 12 months.

Another ERC20 token hitting the market is emerging with high hopes for investors. Say hello to Raboo, a meme coin with AI technology at the forefront of its value proposition, In stage three of its presale. Currently priced at $0.0042, analysts forecast 233% returns during the ICO, making it one of the most appealing ERC20 tokens on the market today.

Aave: DeFi revolutionary and Web3 pioneer

Aave has begun 2024 with new updates and developments that have seen this Web3 giant make enormous gains in Q1 2024, surging to $142.76 in March before dropping back to its current level at the time of press of around $90.

New developments early this year include its DAO approval to deploy Version 3 on Ethereum’s layer 2 Metis Network, illustrating Aave’s ongoing commitment to building scalability and user experience. In addition, Aave’s airdrop initiative, Merit, sends shockwaves through the DeFi sector with rewards for wETH and GHO holders.

As a result, Aave remains one of the best-established ERC20 coins on the market and a strong investment option this year.

Decentraland: Metaverse platform embracing VR

Decentraland is a blockchain platform with VR capability; Its native ERC20-minted MANA token offers play-to-earn potential through a massive range of virtual experiences. Users buy plots of virtual land to build and monetize experiences, earning the MANA token to buy more LAND tokens, which form the metaverse’s NFTs.

Although Decentraland, seen as a Web3 pioneer for so long, experienced a mini-surge in March 2024, it failed to break above the $1 barrier. Since then, Decentraland has dropped back to its current level of $0.455 at the time of writing, down around 15% compared with a year ago.

Whether this means that Decentraland’s race is run remains to be seen, but investors are flocking to other Web3 coins with much greater appeal this year.

Raboo: ERC20 newbie shows presale promise

The Raboo ICO recently passed the $1 million milestone, illustrating its growth potential. With 4,000-plus registered members and approaching 1,400 RABT token holders, Raboo has already built an engaged and vibrant user community.

Raboo stands out within the meme coin sector, offering users a chance to harness the power of AI technology to drive meme generation. Meanwhile, the platform’s unique SocialFi capability, including its Post-to-Earn mechanism, building engagement with prize draws, giveaways, competitions, and monetization of their content.

After launching at just $0.003, RABT tokens are now available at the bargain price of $0.0042. Experts predict the coin will grow by 233% throughout the presale before potentially surging by 100x once it goes public as it aims to fulfill its aim of becoming a top 20 crypto by market cap.


The Web3 sector is awaiting the full impact of the Bitcoin halving event, with ERC20 tokens like Aave and Decentraland experiencing different fortunes. Meanwhile, the new token Raboo is harnessing the power of AI and merging it with meme culture to create a brand-new paradigm of SocialFi innovation, driving enormous investor appeal towards it.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.

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