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Binance NFT has added support for Polygon Network

Binance NFT has added support for Polygon Network, making it the third blockchain to be integrated into the marketplace.

Binance NFT supports the Polygon Network

The Binance NFT marketplace announced that it has added new support for the Polygon blockchain. 

Users will now be able to buy, sell, deposit and withdraw Polygon-based NFTs directly from the Binance NFT marketplace. Not only that, by holding MATIC or any other token in Binance‘s spot wallets, users can also trade NFTs on the marketplace.

Polygon (MATIC) is the third blockchain to be integrated, following BNB Smart Chain (BSC), Binance’s blockchain, and Ethereum (ETH).

The platform notes that only selected ERC-721 NFT collections are currently available on Polygon Network and that more will be added regularly over time.

Binance NFT and interest in the Layer 2 of Ethereum

In its announcement, the marketplace demonstrated its involvement with NFT projects on Polygon (MATIC), Ethereum’s Layer 2.

Specifically, Binance NFT is letting content creators know that it is primarily interested in collaborating with quality Polygon projects. Therefore, it has invited interested parties to contact the marketplace directly.

Not only that, the marketplace added that it would also like to integrate new blockchains in the future, so as to expand its ecosystem dedicated to Non-Fungible Tokens.

Recently, Binance NFT launched its new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered NFT generator, called Bicasso.

The beta version test was offered free of charge to users who minted 10,000 NFTs in just 2 1/2 hours.

However, for those who did not make it into the limited beta test edition, they were put on the list for the full version. Bicasso turned user-submitted profile photos into digital works of art.

Outage of PolygonScan, but not of the Polygon blockchain

Recently, it appears that an outage of the PolygonScan network explorer led the crypto community to speculate about a possible problem with Polygon’s blockchain. 

It was late February when PolygonScan, Polygon’s most widely used explorer did not show blockchain processing for over an hour and a half.

Naturally, the community raised concerns about this, believing precisely that the problem was with the network. The Polygon team stepped in to calm the waters, clarifying that in fact the blockchain was not broken. 

The problem was therefore with its network explorer and the non-synchronization of some nodes. Even though it was not displayed for an hour and a half, Polygon’s blockchain continued to work and, as the team invited, it is possible to view it on alternative explorers.


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