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Crypto Art: Bruno Cerasi launches his new NFT work “SKIN AND BONES I”

Bruno Cerasi, a well-known Italian crypto art artist, released his new NFT work “SKIN AND BONES I” today on the SuperRare marketplace.

Crypto Art: Bruno Cerasi’s new NFT work is available today on SuperRare

Well known Italian crypto artist Bruno Cerasi today released the drop on SuperRare’s marketplace of his new work in the NFT format, “SKIN AND BONES I.”

The NFT artwork was created from a series of black and white shots taken in Taormina, Sicily and called “Fimmina,” by Paulo Renftle with a Hasselblad film camera. “Fimmina” is a word from the Sicilian dialect meaning “woman.”

Through a careful process of analysis and selection, Cerasi literally broke down the photographic image, transforming it into endless polygonal tiles of a digital mosaic.

Such tiles developed in black, white and grayscale, then became the plumage of a magpie, which flies through the Sicilian skies and is captured by what glitters.

In his description of his NFT work, Cerasi continues as follows:

“The magpie steals shiny objects, just as the beauty of a beautiful Sicilian woman is able to catch a glance, becoming a magpie herself.”

Crypto Art: who is the NFT artist Bruno Cerasi? His project Faded22/

Bruno Cerasi, born in Bologna in 1983, lives and works in Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE). After scientific studies, he trained artistically at the Academy of Fine Arts in L’Aquila.

His artistic research underwent a profound change when he suffered a stroke in 2009 that took away part of his sight. From that moment, Cerasi began working with installations and spaces, abandoning painting and drawing and focusing on light and shadow so as to use them as the main elements of his art.

Cerasi has exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions and fairs in Italy and abroad. His latest work Faded22/ is a collection of butterflies as NFTs that went on sale on the Foundation marketplace last year.

The Faded22/ project was born and based on his eyesight, which had been declining very slowly in recent times. Basically, every month, while Cerasi has his eyes examined, namely the monitoring of his visual field, the results were transformed through an algorithm into a digital butterfly. 

An original digital project that leads each butterfly to become an NFT, in a Faded22/ collection that precisely counts 12 of them as the months of a year.

The butterfly has been Cerasi’s symbol since 2013, when he chose it to represent the overflow of information that surrounds us and the paradox of being so distant from others.

The NFT artist was present at the first talk show in the metaverse

The Cryptonomist and The Nemesis have solidified a partnership with the launch of the first talk show in the metaverse featuring interviews with various NFT artists or popular industry figures.

Last October 2022, Cerasi participated in the interview describing his art and his entry into the world of crypto art and NFTs. Here is the video.


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