Sustainability Practices In Crypto: Big Eyes, SolarCoin, and Zero Carbon Project
Sustainability Practices In Crypto: Big Eyes, SolarCoin, and Zero Carbon Project

Sustainability Practices In Crypto: Big Eyes, SolarCoin, and Zero Carbon Project

By Crypto Advertising - 25 Mar 2023

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Cryptocurrency is frequently criticized for its harmful effects on the environment, and rightfully so. Bitcoin’s carbon emission rate for mining a single bitcoin rose from 0.9 tons in 2016 to 113 tons in 2021—a 126-fold increase. By the end of 2022, ​​Bitcoin’s CO2 emissions grew by 56.8 million tons, accounting for 86.3 million tons, according to Forex Suggest’s Global Impact of Crypto Trading report.

Cryptocurrency companies hope to rebrand in 2023. Introducing new features to incorporate fun and better security, as well as initiatives to minimize our collective carbon footprint. Which cryptocurrencies are making the biggest changes for the better?

big eyes coin big eyes coin

Verifiably produced solar energy

SolarCoin (SLR) is one of the most environmentally efficient cryptocurrencies. Offering rewards to solar power users with Proof-of-Work (PoW) rewards system. SLR is based on the same blockchain technology as Bitcoin, and can easily be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

A user receives 1 SolarCoin for generating 1MWh of solar energy. SolarCoin has a market capitalization worth more than $10 million and a circulating supply of over 97 million coins at the time of writing.

Zero greenhouse gas emissions

Zero Carbon Project (ZCC) is a blockchain technology-based platform that connects energy consumers with a range of renewable energy supplies.

Users can earn cryptocurrency Carbon Credits (CRED) through ZCC through offsetting their CO2 emissions by neutralizing their energy supplies. Providing users with a range of eco-friendly options for their energy needs, this project has received support from world-leading organizations such as the United Nations and the UK government’s Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy.

Big dreams and BIG change

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has raised over $31.89 million at the time of writing, making the cute cat-themed coin the biggest crypto presale in 2 YEARS! With many desirable features such as gameplay, NFTs, bonus prizes, and an impressive charity initiative, this new meme coin’s presale success has received optimistic reviews and experts expect it will level with altcoins like Dogecoin(Doge) and Solana (SOL) in value and popularity upon its launch.

Big Eyes Coin is committed to the protection of oceans from further destruction and holds 5% of the $BIG token supply in a charity wallet dedicated to marine charities and conservation.

The coin recently released an innovative marketing promotion of loot boxes. These are akin to what you would experience within gameplay, encountering treasure chests of randomized prizes. With Big Eyes loot boxes, you’ll never receive less than the amount you invest. So it is impossible to lose!

  • Saver Tin (worth $9.99) = $100 of $BIG
  • Cute Box (worth $99) = $1,000 of $BIG
  • Super Saiyan Box (worth $999) = $10,000 of $BIG
  • Excali-Paw Chest (worth $9,999) = $100,000 of $BIG

Want to win BIG?

Interested in a chance to have fun and win BIG? Play Big Eyes new loot boxes and enter the code 819 at checkout to receive a discount and up to 5000% back with your purchase.

big eyes coin

Big Eyes Coin (BIG):




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