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Crypto Unicorns Game NFT: what is it and how does the new blockchain-based game work

In the crypto market, one of the newest and most promising blockchain games is Crypto Unicorns, a blockchain-based P2E that focuses on NFTs of incredibly unique unicorns.

But what is Crypto Unicorns Game NFT? How does it work? Is it worth buying the token? All the details below.

The NFT world of Crypto Unicorns

Crypto Unicorns is a new blockchain-based game focused on incredibly unique NFT unicorns that players can use in a fun farm simulation and a variety of exciting battles.

The Farm gameplay focuses on NFT lands, which players can purchase and upgrade over time. Unicorns love to help out on the farm, so players can put them to work increasing land production and making materials to improve buildings.

Individual lands can be combined by players into neighborhoods designed for highly social real-time gameplay. In this way, players can customize their farm and show it off to the world.

Each type of game will benefit from different Unicorn abilities over time. For example, a unicorn who is really good at running may not be a good jouster or “Battlecorn.”

In addition, an expanding universe of game loops interconnected with the central farm loop is envisioned. To achieve this goal, work is being done together with the community and other developers to continue to add utility and fun to the Crypto Unicorns Multiverse.

How to play the game?

To begin the journey into the Crypto Unicorns universe, one must create a crypto wallet. This wallet is used to manage and authenticate digital assets such as Unicorns, Lands and other tokens.

MetaMask is the most widely used wallet among Crypto Unicorns players. When creating the wallet, it is important to follow best practices for storing the seed phrase.

After creating the wallet and storing the initial phrase, it is necessary to add Polygon RPC to the wallet provider and accumulate funds. Furthermore, to enjoy the best experience with Crypto Unicorns, players are advised to purchase a Unicorn with wETH through the official OpenSea pages.

RBW and UNIM are tokens required for various actions in Crypto Unicorns, particularly for playing Unicorns. These tokens can be purchased through the links provided. To purchase UNIM, it is necessary to add the token to the Uniswap by entering the UNIM contract address in the “exchange” UI.

In addition, players must also acquire 5 MATIC to cover the Polygon gas fees required for transactions, which can be purchased from Uniswap. After performing these procedures, it is time to enjoy playing Crypto Unicorns.

How does the Land NFT of Crypto Unicorns work?

As anticipated above, the farm gameplay in Crypto Unicorns is based on NFT lands. These lands can be purchased and upgraded by players over time. Unicorns can help out on the farm by increasing the productivity of the land and producing materials for building construction.

Players can combine their land into neighborhoods for a real-time social gaming experience. This allows players to customize their farms and show them off to the world.

The gameplay of Crypto Unicorns is a farm simulation. Hence, players purchase NFT lands that can be upgraded over time. Land is the engine of the community-owned economy and is where unicorns are created, born and evolved.

A player’s farm is his or her “farm” within the Unicorn Multiverse. It is a fully customizable piece of land with a variety of productive buildings including stables, nursery, workshop, harvest wagon and farmland.

Unicorns are extremely useful creatures and love to help on the farm. Players benefit from working to improve their land, which increases their production.

Finally, the key buildings are: Agriculture and Farm, Harvest Wagon, Office, Nursery and Stables. Each with specific features and tasks for players to perform inside.

Crypto Unicorns types and battles

The unicorn race features several tracks with unique attributes such as class, distance, weather conditions and length, designed to produce exciting events. The first races will feature eight unicorns competing for victory.

The unicorn race attracts a wide range of participants as it tests every aspect of skills developed over time. Smarter unicorns are able to handle themselves better in long-distance races, stronger unicorns are able to outrun their rivals in acceleration, durable unicorns can run longer without tiring, and so on.

Players will be ranked according to the position of their unicorns. The higher the unicorn’s rank, the more rewards they will receive. The races will start with three genesis tracks controlled by the developers, but over time the tracks will be managed by the community.

The battle gameplay is an important aspect of Crypto Unicorns, who are always ready to fight and protect their homeland. In addition, an epic team-based role-playing game is being developed that will have both PvE and PvP elements, for the third “battle loop.”

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