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The Ledger Nano X customized for Snoop Dogg with black diamonds and gold

Snoop Dogg wore a Ledger Nano X customized with black diamonds and gold around his neck at WWE’s biggest annual event, WrestleMania 39, in Hollywood. Not only that, the cold-wallet seems to be becoming the preferred choice of rap icons such as Drake and Gunna as well. 

Ledger Nano X: the black diamond and gold cold-wallet worn by Snoop Dogg at WWE

Snoop Dogg, the famous American rapper, decided to shine at WWE, WrestleMania 39, in Hollywood with a precious new item around his neck: a Ledger Nano X customized with black diamonds and gold. 

The piece was curated by Talia Coles and designed by renowned jeweler Eliantte, who recently created a gold diamond chain for LeBron James.

Not only that, Snoop Dogg’s specific Ledger Nano X was inspired by “Death Row Records,” the label that relaunched in 2022 and became a digital platform offering expressions of music, cannabis, NFTs and fashion.

The music legend thus decided to pioneer Ledger’s signature cold-wallet world in his own original, stylish, and quirky way.

In this regard, Snoop Dogg stated:

“Ya’ll know I trust Ledger as the brand to keep my most valuable assets safe. While I was hosting this year’s WrestleMania, it was crucial for me to make sure my digital assets were protected, no matter what I was doing or where I was at. It’s important for me to take strong measures to safeguard my digital assets. And this custom Ledger Nano, let me tell you, it’s not only necessary but also a flex accessory that reflects my personal style. And you know what’s the safest place for it to sit? Around my neck, baby!”

Ledger Nano X: the cold-wallet is chosen also by other rappers

Snoop Dogg is not the only rapper who is a staunch supporter of crypto to have relied on and been a spokesperson for the Ledger Nano X cold-wallet.

Indeed, Drake, Gunna and others also rely on the French company to store their valuable digital assets.

Last year, Drake, another prominent figure in the rap community, publicly shared his Ledger Nano on his instagram account.

The Toronto native wanted to show that even the most successful artists in the industry understand the importance of protecting Bitcoin and their digital assets.

Not only that, Gunna also sported a Ledger at MetBall 2021, proving that Ledger wallets are not only necessary, but also very stylish.

For the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 2022 Costume Institute Benefit, the platform created “a diamond-studded chain and pendant to hold its digital assets.” The customized Ledger Nano X was encrusted with the rapper’s signature “P” and attached to a white gold chain with more than 20 carats of diamonds, the press release states.

The limited edition of the “Gold Standard”

A few weeks ago, Ledger unveiled the new limited edition of the Ledger Nano and Nano X, called the “Gold Standard.” 

It is a collaboration with Gasoline by Mason Rothschild, artist and founder of the company. This collaboration aims to juxtapose safety with an inspiring approach to value.

The Gasoline Nanos, co-branded with Ledger, are of gold design and only 13 have been created for first sale to the public, each in a unique coloration on the gold theme, such as white gold and rose gold.

The Gold Standard joins Ledger’s Nano S Plus and Nano X, which are widely the most widely used cold wallets in the world, providing a high level of cryptocurrency protection and self-custody.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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