AiDoge crypto raises $7.4 million from presale for token launch: a new Dogecoin but with a use-case within the project
AiDoge crypto raises $7.4 million from presale for token launch: a new Dogecoin but with a use-case within the project

AiDoge crypto raises $7.4 million from presale for token launch: a new Dogecoin but with a use-case within the project

By Alessandro Adami - 15 May 2023

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Meme generation platform AiDoge and its crypto raise $7.4 million from the presale to launch the token. The project aims to create a new cryptocurrency standard centered on the meme-to-earn concept, where community users can monetize their meme creation activity.

Let’s see in detail how the presale is progressing and how AiDoge works.

The presale of the crypto AiDoge

In recent days, the AiDoge crypto project, a future meme generation platform that will allow its users to create original and funny memes through the use of artificial intelligence and the $AI token, is going viral.

$AI is being launched through a presale open to the public with which $7.4 million has already been collected, including $2 million in the last week alone. The presale is currently in its tenth round and ten more rounds are planned until the project team has raised a total of $14.9 million or at least as long as there are still individuals ready to invest in the platform.

The next presale round will be launched in four days or upon reaching another $300,000 in funding: with each round the price of the $AI token gradually rises by $0.0000004, until the day of the actual market launch where a price of $0.0000336 per token is expected.

At the moment, it is possible to buy a $AI within the official platform at the price of 0.00003 ( so with a 12% discount from the listing price), using the cryptocurrencies ETH, BNB USDT ERC-20, USDT BEP-20 or via credit card.

Prior to the official launch of the token, an audit is scheduled with smart contract security company CertiK, which will verify the conditions of the $AI code. In Q4 2023, the token is scheduled to be listed on the centralized and DEX exchanges as well as continued work on the development of the meme generation platform to be launched in the following quarter.

AI and meme merge in AiDoge crypto unveiling a new prototype utility token

Artificial intelligence and memecoins merge within the AiDoge crypto concept, ushering in a new prototype utility token.

Crypto assets that are based on memes, such as Doge, Shib, Floki and Pepe, often have no utility in the blockchain world and owe much of their success solely to community engagement and speculative activity in the markets.

AiDoge represents the first memecoin prototype that aims to create a real use-case through the use of the meme-to-earn philosophy.

AiDoge will in fact allow users to create cute and original memes through the use of artificial intelligence, being rewarded in crypto if these become popular within the platform, which also serves as a social media for individuals’ own content.

According to the project’s whitepaper, the AiDoge platform:

“employs advanced AI technology to create relevant memes based on text prompts provided by users. Users provide text prompts for meme generation…artificial intelligence processes the input, creating relevant and engaging memes, making meme creation accessible to everyone.”

The utility of the $AI token lies in the internal incentives that are provided to holders of this cryptocurrency. In detail $AI will be used to:

  • purchase credits to generate memes using the platform’s AI technology
  • for staking, allowing them to earn a yield and other benefits
  • reward active community members who participate in meme voting by bringing out the best content

At first glance, the project seems interesting because it introduces a new type of utility token to the market for the first time, which could prompt other memecoins to seek a real use-case for their ecosystems.

However, it does not seem to be a really promising project for the future, and most likely the hype of these days will fade away within a few weeks of the $Ai token listing, unless the meme generation platform becomes widely used by the entire crypto community.

AI and memecoins: the trends of the moment

AiDoge crypto is leveraging the trends of the moment, artificial intelligence and memecoin, to gain visibility and attention from the public. 

Since ChatGpt, Openai’s chatbot, made its market debut, we have seen a growing hype for projects in the crypto world that integrate AI concepts within their business plans, such as Agix,, Render Token, and the Graph.

As of February 2023, all of the tokens from these projects have experienced an explosion in trading volumes and subsequent price growth, triggering the emergence of many shitcoins based on nothing that vaguely referenced artificial intelligence on their websites.

As for memecoins, the trend broke out during the bull run of 2021 with the exponential price growth of Doge and Shib, stopping in the bear market period and restarting a few weeks ago with the success of Pepe, which took the podium in the ranking of the most capitalized crypto memes ever.

A characterizing event that has spread the craze of creating memecoins and presenting them as cryptocurrencies of the future, when there is no real utility for these kinds of products and no connotations to withstand market speculation.

Without hailing the likes of Shib and Doge, which have established themselves as flagship projects in this sector in recent years, proving that the popular culture of memes can coexist with crypto financial markets, there is a distinction to be made with shitcoins that are created only with the goal of enriching the founders.

The AiDoge project in this regard seems to be just yet another gimmick by some individual who has well thought of praising aspects of artificial intelligence to create luster within the meme universe, yet without having a working product on their hands.

We cannot know if the meme generation platform will work and become popular, and if it does most likely crypto $AI will grow in price, however it seems rather risky to invest blindfolded in a token that has all the makings of an exit-scam at the first wave of enthusiasm in the markets.

Alessandro Adami

Graduated in "Information, Media and Advertising", for over 4 years interested in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Co-Founder of Tokenparty, community active in spreading crypto-enthusiasm. Co-founder of Legal Hackers Civitanova marche. Information technology consultant. Ethereum Fan Boy and supporter of Chainlink oracles, strongly believes that smart contracts will be central in the development of society.

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