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Big Eyes Coin to Ignite the Play-to-Earn Crypto Arena with Avant-Garde Gameplays


In a jaw-dropping power move that echoes the exploits of gaming legends, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) boldly conquers the 14th stage. Within a mere 72 hours, BIG achieves the extraordinary, amassing a mind-bending $3 million in presale, where prices were slashed to the stage 3 tag! Presently, Big Eyes Coin’s total presale funds stand at $41 million, a stash that rivals the in-game fortunes of seasoned warriors.

Yet, this presale triumph only serves as a prelude to the grandest and most epic Big Eyes Coin Launch, slated for June 15, 2023. The realm of gaming ecstasy holds even more surprises as BIG prepares to unleash avant-garde gameplays onto the play-to-earn battlefield on August 29, 2023!

The BIG GameFi Foray on August 29

In a whimsical twist of fate, the mischievous feline-inspired meme token pounces into the enchanting GameFi, offering mind-blogging excitement to all adventurers! This August 29, 2023, Big Eyes will embark on its daring GameFi escapade, via its very own Casino and Play-to-Earn Games.

As the much-anticipated BIG Launch is set for June 15, this means that everyone is granted only two months to gather BIG tokens. This move is crucial as the BIG token supply on exchanges is expected to decrease, becoming as scarce as coveted loot.

Appropriately, a surge in daily trading volume and market capitalization is expected upon the casino launch. This should propel BIG tokens to the celestial heights both of the gaming universe and crypto cosmos!

The Epic Presale Finale and the BIG Adventure

BIG has delighted its community with an abundance of offers from the get-go. Unveiling NFT Lootbox Trading Cards and showering players with lucrative promo codes, Big Eyes has sparked excitement at every turn. Now, boasting an impressive $41 million in presale funds, BIG is a mere $9.5 million away from reaching its coveted $51.5 million hard cap.

With just two weeks remaining in this thrilling presale adventure, the BIG team exudes confidence as they strive to conquer their goal. The key to their success lies in the irresistible allure of their Stage 3 pricing, offering an affordable and immensely profitable exchange rate of 1 USDT = 5833.33 Big Eyes. This enticing proposition sets the stage for an influx of eager participants, ready to seize the opportunity and propel Big Eyes Coin toward triumphant victory.

BIG Metrics for Success — Reflecting on XRP and Cardano’s Strong Foothold

The touchstone of crypto reliability parallels the evaluation of a player’s trustworthiness and prowess. Despite XRP’s lawsuit battle against the US Securities and Exchange Commission or Cardano’s bold clash with the government’s perception of their strategy, their influence remains formidable.

When one explores the realms of Cardano (ADA) and Ripple (XRP), their unique focuses come into view. Specifically, XRP chooses to expand its network and develop further features (e.g., the Metaco acquisition) despite its legal woes. Meanwhile, Cardano fortifies its security with unwavering resolve. These factors position both networks as wise choices for users seeking long-term success in their digital assets.

As such, Big Eyes Coin draws inspiration from the two, weaving together the robust elements of Cardano and XRP.

BIG Powerhouse

Big Eyes Coin is a decentralized Ethereum-based cryptocurrency, utilizing the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. This ensures BIG’s robust infrastructure, requiring less computational power and minimizing energy consumption — all for sustainable blockchain growth.

BIG Defenses

BIG understands the importance of fortifying its defenses. With this, it acquired audits from Solidity Finance, the renowned guardians of smart contracts, to establish its resilience against potential threats. Additionally, it sought CoinSniper’s KYC certificate, to prove it has a secure and legitimate platform.

The battleground is all prepped for the BIGgest quest! Rally alongside fellow gamers as Big Eyes Coin charges forward, determined to conquer its lofty objective, unfurling a path strewn with exhilarating exploits and bountiful treasures. Beyond gaming thrills, delve into the realm of profitable investments as you explore the many facets of Big Eyes Coin. 






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