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Debank’s next airdrop: a step-by-step guide

In this new article we look at all the steps to obtain the airdrop from Debank, a well-known Web3 messaging and wallet tracking platform.

To obtain this airdrop there are a few simple steps to follow, but crucial for your address to be eligible.

All the details below.

What is the Debank platform? 

Debank is a well-known platform within the crypto space, mainly used to send messages between two Web3 users and to monitor the performance of one’s wallet

Through this tool it is also possible to peek into the compatible EVM accounts of other individuals and observe their transaction history.

To do this, simply enter the address or Web3 ID (will be explained later) of the person you want to “track” in the search bar and freely look at the balance in the wallet, divided according to the network they belong to, and all the tx executed.

In this regard, it is worth recalling that many blockchains (almost all those that relate to the crypto world) are public and it is therefore possible to trace every transaction performed on them.

However, although blockchains are clearly traceable, the public keys of wallets fall into the category of “pseudo-anonymity,” ergo the identity of the wallet owner remains anonymous until he or she decides to make it public.

airdrop debank

Debank offers a much cleaner and more intuitive web interface than those provided by block explorer sites, making the user experience simple and suitable even for the inexperienced.

The platform can be accessed in two ways: by registering with an email address or by linking to your own decentralized wallet such as MetaMask, TrustWallet, Coinbase Wallet, Rabbit Wallet, etc.

Access via wallet, which is obviously more convenient and functional than its centralized counterpart, does not require the payment of gas fees, only the execution of a free digital signature.

Within Debank there are many other interesting functions that allow total immersion of users in the Web3 world.

These include the ability to easily search for a whale address, monitor multiple addresses simultaneously with the “bundle,” participate in governance activities, and track the most important metrics in the world of NFTs and decentralized applications.

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All the steps to participate in Debank’s airdrop: the Hi and Stream functions

Debank has raised $25 million in funding from venture capitalists such as Sequoia Capital, Dragonfly, Coinbase Ventures, Ledger Capital, and Circle.

It is likely that a governance token will be created for the platform and this will be distributed among early adopters of the project in the form of an airdrop.

To try to obtain the reward, simple tasks need to be accomplished.

First of all, after logging in with your wallet you need to enter an account profile picture.

On Debank you can only add NFTs as a profile picture, so it is advisable to log in with a wallet that contains at least one. 

If you do not have NFTs, you can buy them on platforms such as Blur or OpenSea, choosing inexpensive chains such as Arbitrum or Optimism.  

Select a collection with low floor price ($5 in ETH for example) and proceed with the purchase.

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Next, the subsequent steps involve the messaging part of the platform.

Through the Stream and Hi functions it is possible to interact with other Web3 users on the network.

Specifically, with Stream you can share posts with text and media, just as happens in social media such as Twitter, but in a decentralized way.

Try to be active by liking (trusting), reposting and commenting on other users’ posts, starting with the top users in the last 24 hours.

Put up as many follows as possible to be more visible and try to get other people to follow you.

By creating engagement you can also monetize your presence on the platform.

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On the other hand, with the Hi feature, you can P2P message with other individuals in the Web3 world. 

The mechanism is very simple: after entering the “Hi” section, select “start new conversation,” paste the wallet address of the person you want to message with.

Each user has a different price that you have to pay in order to send the message and get their attention.

The logic is that users with more followers and those with more capital are more expensive to reach for those who want to converse with them.

The cost of each message sent, is deducted from the platform’s L2 account, which will be explained in the next section.

Airdrop Debank: deposit funds on layer 2 and mint your web3 ID

As mentioned, in order to have a chance of getting the Debank airdrop you need to be active in the messaging sections and interact with other users in the Web3 niche.

However, in order to carry out some operations (such as conversing with the “Hi” function) it is essential to have a few dollar units in Debank’s Layer 2 account.

Depositing funds into it is super simple: on the homepage of your profile, there is an item called “Debank L2 balance” in the upper right-hand corner just below the total value of your wallet.

Next, select “Deposit to L2” and choose the asset and source chain with which you want to fund the L2, as shown in the figure.

airdrop debank

Once we have received the funds on the layer 2, in addition to taking advantage of the messaging features, we can mint a Web3 ID.

This is an NFT that represents an identifying nickname for your Web3 wallet that other individuals can use to search for you in Debank’s search bar.

It somewhat resembles a sort of Web3 domain that enhances the distinctiveness of crypto wallets, but developed specifically for Debank’s idi platform.

The minting section of the NFT is in the settings, where it is also possible to link an email and Twitter profile to your account.

Web3 ID minting is limited to 100,000 NFTs and has a fixed price of $96 (to be paid with the L2 balance).

Although the cost of the operation is not entirely negligible, it may be a likely requirement for getting the long-awaited platform airdrop.

Make sure you have performed all the actions we have listed in this article to be more likely to receive the crypto reward, which is likely to exceed the $300 countervalue.

airdrop debank
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