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Google Bard Predicts DigiToads & Bitcoin To Dominate Crypto in 2023


Google’s Bard is the newest tool in this area. Despite still being in the testing phase, its ability to handle language is already used in the crypto world. The tool is being used to predict how the prices of different digital assets might change.

In this line, more crypto experts are heading to this AI chatbot to predict the best crypto to buy this year for investors. According to the chatbot, DigiToads and Bitcoin will lead 2023’s competitive crypto market. Let’s explore in this article, how both Bitcoin and DigiToads may be the best cryptocurrency projects to dominate the crypto world in 2023. 

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DigiToads: A Meme Coin Project Already Soaring

As an innovative utility coin, DigiToads serves as a P2P gaming and NFT staking platform. Its goal is to become the most widely used meme coin by rewarding its owners for contributing to the ecosystem through contests, staking, a deflationary token, and more.

Even before its official launch, the TOADS tokens are becoming the best cryptocurrency for introducing investors to long-term profit-generating solutions. One of the most popular approaches this best crypto introduces to investors for revenue generation is its stake-to-earn model. With the NFT staking feature, the project allows its community to buy DigiToads’ most popular NFTs and stake them on the platform. 

Upon staking, the holders can enjoy profits funded by the staking pool, which will be funded with 2% of the transaction fees that TOADS charges. This return gives token holders a reason to lock their NFTs, which will add to the value of these NFTs by making them scarce on the market. So, the NFTs on DigiToads are designed sustainably to ensure holders get a useful object that strengthens their portfolio in the short and long run. 

The TOADS tokens burning mechanism is another way to make money by joining the DigiToads investor’s community. With regular token-burning activities, the number of tokens in circulation will decrease over time, resulting in token scarcity and stable price increases with growing market demand. Along with the benefit of holding tokens capable of stable growth, TOADS holders can also be a part of the project’s monthly airdrops.

With so many features available for DigiToads investors to explore, earn, and grow from, the already exploding market demand and growing community of this meme coin project is no coincidence. Hence, with its native token TOADS raising more than $4.8M in funds while selling out over 307,439,799 TOADS out of the allotted 405.35M tokens for presale and community bonuses, DigiToads already seems to be on its way to dominating the crypto market this year. 

How Can Bitcoin Dominate The Crypto Market This Year? 

While Google Bard did not predict any specific value of Bitcoin for 2023, the tool shared its analysis on how BTC value can increase if the economy improves, influencing investors to put their money into risky assets like Bitcoin. 

Adding to its prediction, Bard believes that Bitcoin can also lead the crypto market in 2023 if it witnesses rapid adoption by institutions. According to the tool, if institutions become more interested in Bitcoin, the prices of this crypto could go up. Considering this, it is noteworthy that the last all-time high for Bitcoin, almost $69k, was partly caused by more companies getting into the market.

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On the one hand, Google Bard backs up crypto experts’ predictions about Bitcoins price increase in 2023 with potential factors that can lead to this surge, the AI tool also predicts a promising future for DigiToads. 

While caused by various factors, including the use cases and advanced features of these top crypto coins, Google Bard’s predictive analysis proves that this is the right time for investors to add BTC and TOADS to their portfolios. Especially with TOADS being available at 0.042 USD in its ongoing Lilypad 8 presale stage, investors can now bag this new meme coin at a meager rate before its price surges. 

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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