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“Spirit of Napa Tei” comes to life in The Nemesis metaverse

Lars Schlichting, author of the 2021 Urania Award-winning science fiction novel “Spirit of Napa Tei,” announced that he has chosen The Nemesis metaverse to bring the book’s storyline to life in the virtual world. 

The Nemesis: the adventures of the novel “Spirit of Napa Tei” in the metaverse

It is called “Spirit of Napa Tei,” the novel by Lars Schlichting chosen by Urania, Mondadori Group’s historic science fiction series, as the 2021 winner and which will be released on 5 July on Italian newsstands and in two Swiss bookstores.

And precisely because it is science fiction, the author decided to involve the famous metaverse of The Nemesis to test the literary work in Web3, through gamification. 

The plot of the book describes the novel as a journey through the Milky Way, where Will and his companions are swept up in a succession of events, experiencing real adventures. 

Among other things, there are encounters with advanced alien forms, interplanetary conspiracies, space battles, ritual duels, interracial relationships, trial of aliens, and much more.

And it will be precisely the adventures of Will and his companions as part of the gamification that can be relived in The Nemesis metaverse. 

The Nemesis: the metaverse where the pages of a book come to life

Lars Schlichting wanted to share his own comments on his LinkedIn profile to describe how in 2023 he is making arrangements to bring his work to Web3. 

And in fact, as if it were an adventure of Will and his companions, the protagonists of his novel, Schlichting spoke both about the metaverse with The Nemesis, but also about the world of NFTs, with Noku AG

For its part, The Nemesis is testing how it can realize a publisher’s dream through its metaverse. 

The newly launched NEMS token

Recently, The Nemesis launched its long-awaited new NEMS token, the price of which rose in its first 24 hours from $0.20 to $2.27, marking a +2170% increase. 

It is a new payment token of the ERC-20 standard, namely based on Ethereum, with the aim of introducing new possibilities for NFT users and holders. 

Basically, these people will be able to buy NEMS on the exchanges where it is listed and use it to buy items on the upcoming Marketplace or to trade COINS, the in-game currency. 

At the time of writing, NEMS has experienced a +15% price pump in the past 24 hours, returning to $0.14

Indeed, after the initial bullish move after the launch, as is the case with most new tokens, NEMS has since seen the price decline, going below $0.20 (launch price) over the weekend.

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Stefania Stimolo
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