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What is it and how does DAO Labs’ social mining work?

In this article we explore what DAO Labs’ autonomous organization is and how their social mining program works.

Participants in the web3 world may soon be rewarded for activities that are performed on a daily basis through a well-designed incentive system.

Let’s see together what this is all about.

DAO Labs and social mining

DAO Labs is an autonomous community founded in 2021 by blockchain industry experts with past experience in CELO, NEM, QTUM, and EOS projects that provides consulting services for tokenized companies and helps blockchain startups emerge by building lasting marketing and business development strategies.

Among the mission of this organization is also the attempt to redevelop the social environment of the Web3 world through social mining programs.

The introduction of Bitcoin back in 2008 opened the door to a decentralized trustless economy that was supposed to give every individual on earth equal opportunity in a broader concept of financial freedom.

Although these concepts still remain central to the vision of Bitcoiners, unfortunately we are far from being able to glimpse a world where everyone has an equal chance to emerge within the various communities, especially in developing countries.

Social mining originated as a concept proposed by DAO Labs to provide equality of race, gender, position and status within the blockchain world, where each member is rewarded based on the effort and contribution they make to their community.

In today’s world, where the attention economy on social media plays a very important role, users who engage in providing their own content are viewed as a mere tool by the platforms, without adequate remuneration.

Social mining incentive programs provide a solution to this problem: users in various communities can join DAO Labs‘ initiatives and actively participate in the growth of the project they belong to, being rewarded in cryptocurrencies through a merit-based system.

In this way, social mining helps blockchain-based organizations grow sustainably over time on the one hand, and on the other creates the conditions for the generation of supportive environments where equality prevails, where every user can make a difference and stand out regardless of their status. 

Popular projects that have joined social mining programs include Avalanche, Elrond Network, Polygon, Harmony, Kava, and Injective Protocol

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DAOVERSE and the incentive program on Reddit

The concept of social mining, from a practical point of view, is nothing more than an ecosystem of multi-chain communities and governance groups composed of different areas and entities among which DAO Labs organization as well as DAOVERSE emerges.

The latter represents DAO Labs’ Social Mining V1 platform, which incentivizes any individual interested in governing and building his or her own social community.

Among the latest activities pushed by this entity we find an incentive and monetization program for Reddit users.

Aware of the fact that UGC (user-generated content) is becoming increasingly central to social media business models, DAOVERSE has seen fit to develop a program, currently in the testing phase, to reward users who generate viral content for their crypto and blockchain niches.

In this way, even the most financially disadvantaged individuals can emerge as A-list citizens in their web3 communities and earn based on their ability to reach out to other social media users.

In a blog post published by the organization DAO Labs, DAOVERSE wanted to focus efforts on offering its readers a guide on how to go viral on Reddit, in anticipation of the reward model, which will be unveiled in the future.

Among the tips reported by the entity for creating popular content we find:

  1.  Awareness of the subreddit communities
  2. Clarity of content even for newbies
  3. Creation of valuable and original posts
  4. Addition of visual elements, easily detectable by the human eye
  5. Interaction with the community
  6. Active presence in social media
  7. Adherence to “Reddiquette” guidelines
  8. Choosing the right timing for publishing content

The testing phase, which began on 26 May, involved 69 DAOVERSE users and 20 popular Reddit users in experimenting with different styles of content, useful for testing the social media algorithm and identifying the right strategy for grabbing the audience’s attention.

New updates from the DAO Labs team will follow to introduce to the public how the incentive system works and how these will take place.

Likely, users will be rewarded with the LABOR governance token, which belongs to the DAOVERSE ecosystem, developed specifically with a view to being minted and distributed to the community based on individual merit.

Alessandro Adami
Alessandro Adami
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