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ADA, Stellar and The Sandbox: price performance and crypto news

Cardano (ADA), Stellar (XLM) and The Sandbox (SAND): what are the price performance and latest crypto news of the three projects?

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ADA, Stellar and The Sandbox: price performance over the past week

Over the past seven days, the three crypto assets have followed closely on the bull run in price that has triggered the queen Bitcoin (BTC) and the major cryptocurrencies. 

And indeed, looking at the charts on CoinMarketCap, Cardano (ADA), Stellar (XLM), and The Sandbox (SAND) have all seen a price pump, albeit in different percentages. 

ADA saw a +10%, with the price rising from $0.2621 to the current $0.2871. It is worth noting that the seventh-largest crypto by market capitalization touched $0.30 on 22 June and yesterday

Turning to Stellar (XLM), its rally over the past seven days has moved its price from $0.07 to the current $0.09, drawing a chart with an upward curve. This is a price pump of the 29th crypto by total market capitalization of +14%

The Sandbox (SAND), on the other hand, registered a pump of +10.70% with the price rising from $0.38 to the current $0.42. It is worth noting that SAND’s bull run has been curbed in the last 24 hours, as the price was at $0.45 yesterday. 

As we mentioned, all three crypto assets have followed the trend of BTC, which has touched and surpassed $30,000 in the last seven days. Specifically, the queen of cryptocurrencies has risen $26,440 to the current $30,244, a pump of +14% in the last seven days

ADA, Stellar and The Sandbox: the latest crypto news from the projects

Poking around the three official Twitter accounts, it is possible to see whether the three crypto projects have only followed BTC’s rally or whether their price pump is also based on some development or expansion news

Over at Cardano, there is a contest dedicated to NFTs to be submitted as proposals to become the official collections of the Cardano Summit 2023. The theme is Blockchain for Social Impact, and the deadline to submit NFTs is 30 June. 

The winner will win recognition as the official partner of the Cardano Summit 2023, also getting 2 full access tickets to the main event in Dubai.

Stellar, on the other hand, is talking expansion. In fact, the integration of Stellar’s blockchain-based USD Coin (USDC) into Coinbase’s crypto platform was recently announced

The Sandbox seems to focus on its metaverse, communicating to its 1 million Twitter followers about its various initiatives. Here’s the latest: 


Cardano’s founder and alleged staff layoffs

Recently, Charles Hoskinson, founder of the blockchain Cardano, commented on a Coindesk article about his alleged layoffs of an unspecified number of his employees

Hoskinson explained that the structure of the article and its form implied things that were totally wrong about the layoff talk, thus wanting to emphasize the truth of the facts. 

Thereby, Hoskinson pointed out that since Cardano is a platform on which people build, the people hired were transferred to the branches

Not only that, Hoskinson mentioned Midnight, Lace, and Prism as companies in their own right but related to Cardano’s development

Finally, Cardano’s founder talked about the long-term outlook for the company, pointing out that it plans to create an average of 3 to 5 companies each year

Staying on the topic of decentralization, each of these companies will have its own CEO and team, so they will become spinout derivative companies and not run by the parent company IOG.

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