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Golteum (GLTM) Announces Chainlink BUILD To Accelerate Precious Metals On The Blockchain


Golteum (GLTM), a leading Web3 company connecting users to gold and other precious stones through cryptocurrency, has today joined Chainlink BUILD, a program that aims to supercharge the Chainlink effect for dApps


Chainlink has a wide range of marketing services and a robust technical support team, which Golteum will leverage to better serve its customers. By joining the BUILD program Golteum users can trade crypto, and purchase tokenized precious metals, while leveraging Chainlink’s community and numerous economic incentives. 

What’s In It For Golteum and Chainlink?

As a benchmark web3 services platform, Chainlink has a strong Proof of Reserve platform that will fully integrate Golteum’s supplier network. This will make it easier for traders to see that their funds are safe around the clock. 

Golteum, in return, has pledged 4% of the supply of its native token GLTM to Chainlink’s community, empowering them to make seamless transactions and enjoy other benefits on the Golteum decentralized ecosystem. While Golteum will make a variety of precious stones available to the digital market, Chainlink will provide accurate pricing data for all industry-leading precious stones. 

Further, Golteum users can access all of Chainlink’s alpha and beta product releases through this move. Moreover, Chainlink has a strong Oracle framework with an abundance of safety and dependability advantages that this alliance will bring to the core.

Golteum’s Value Proposition and Why It Might Be Important to You

Gold has long been recognized as a valuable asset due to its enduring use as a medium of exchange and its ability to weather financial uncertainty and offer stability to its holders. As a result, owning a gold-backed NFT is likely to result in a profitable investment. Gold has demonstrated its recession-proof nature, making it a secure choice for those seeking a dependable return on their funds.

Golteum aims to revolutionize the gold industry by providing Web3 access to the world’s oldest reserve currency. In alignment with this goal, the company has launched the first fully asset-backed NFT marketplace.

Part of what makes the GLTM presale a hot topic in the crypto space is Golteum’s existing team up with Fireblocks. The Fireblocks synergy, among other things, provides high-grade security for user tokens and other digital assets, as well as access to institutional-grade custody services to ensure the security of Golteum’s reserves.

The support from Fireblocks is a clear indication that Golteum does not relent on its digital security and market infrastructure. Thus, users purchasing its presale token can rest assured of round-the-clock asset protection devoid of unauthorized transfers. 

Investing in Golteum’s GLTM presale is one of the many ways to set one’s self up for future growth in the crypto ecosystem, as well as the tokenized assets industry, which Boston Consulting says could reach a $16 trillion market cap by 2030. 

Golteum is currently one of the most innovative precious metals trading platforms in the Web3 space. The company has a strong supplier network, promising a steady inflow of precious metals.

Golteum has a strong team doxxed by Certik for KYC and has earned a Silver badge for this. Plus, its Smart Contract has been audited and approved by Certik to be safe and secure to interact with. 

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