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Crypto news and prices of Iota (MIOTA), Alpaca and Polygon (MATIC)

What are the latest crypto news involving the Iota (MIOTA), Alpaca and Polygon (MATIC) coins? 

Let’s take a look below at an overview of prices and the possible future trend, in the short and long term. 

IOTA20 token: benefits of Ethereum’s ERC-20 protocol

IOTA20 is the new project that offers a new opportunity for those who missed the wave of the original coin in 2017. Specifically, the IOTA20 whitepaper recognizes the Ethereum blockchain as fundamental, taking advantage of the ERC-20 standards.

The $IOTA20 token aims to build on the solid foundation of this network, seeking to address the challenges found in the original IOTA, such as complexity and limited transparency.

IOTA also represents a distributed ledger technology exclusively developed to support the Internet of Things (IoT).

Unlike most cryptographic projects, IOTA uses a structure known as “tangle” to validate user transactions, attempting to overcome problems typical of blockchain technologies and offering new use cases for the MIOTA token.

This innovative setup contributed to MIOTA’s significant price increase in 2017, with CoinMarketCap data showing a maximum market capitalization of $15 billion.

However, the value of MIOTA has not been sustained for long, and currently the token is trading at about 96% below its all-time high reached in December 2017. Thus, IOTA20 represents a promising opportunity for those who missed the bull run of the original IOTA.

Aiming to provide a simplified user experience and build a transparent and engaged community, the project recently launched the pre-sale phase, offering $IOTA20 tokens at an advantageous price of $0.0008.

Initial investors can purchase $IOTA20 with $ETH or $USDT, with no investment limits imposed.

The current presale price is 100 times cheaper than MIOTA’s all-time low at $0.07962, making a potential 100-fold gain for investors at this stage.

Focus on Alpaca’s price: comparison with the crypto assets Iota and Polygon 

The price of crypto Alpaca Finance (ALPACA) has increased significantly recently, reaching $0.190988 with a trading volume of $82,913,130.06 in the past 24 hours. 

This represents a price increase of 33.25% within one day and a remarkable 38.29% increase in the last week. With a circulation of 150 Million ALPACA, the project is valued with a market cap of $28,789,783.

In addition, the daily volume of Alpaca Finance (ALPACA) also registered a significant increase of 8,052.50% from yesterday, indicating increasing market activity.

Alpaca Finance is demonstrating a solid performance, outperforming the -0.70% decline in the global cryptocurrency market and also outperforming similar currencies in the BNB Chain Ecosystem, which registered a 1.00% increase.

The community shows strong optimism toward Alpaca Finance (ALPACA), with over 88% of users expressing positive sentiment toward the project.

Caste certificates on the Polygon blockchain: the initiative of the Indian government

As the Polygon (MATIC) network prepares for the launch of Polygon zkEVM and the possible rebranding of the main token to POL, it is steadily expanding its portfolio of real-world use cases of blockchain technology.

Indeed, the government of Maharashtra, India’s second most populous state, is leveraging Polygon blockchain (MATIC) to issue verifiable caste certificates to its citizens, using Zupple’s LegitDoc Web3 solution as the backbone of the project.

Employers in the state of Karnataka have already started using these certificates for transparent and simplified verification of people’s identity.

These caste certificates are official documents certifying an individual’s caste or community, issued by government agencies to people belonging to Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST) or Other Backward Classes (OBC) in modern India.

In addition, both states are already using Polygon (MATIC) developments to verify citizens’ education and medical status, providing a transparent and tamper-proof technical platform for processing sensitive information.

Polygon’s (MATIC) influence in the technology sector has also been recognized by media outlet TIME, which listed it among the 100 most influential technology companies.

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