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Crypto ATM: CoinFlip integrates Ripple (XRP) which was declared not a security

CoinFlip’s crypto ATM announced that it has integrated Ripple (XRP), after a ruling by US District Judge Analisa Torres on 13 July that the asset is NOT a security

Crypto ATM: Ripple (XRP) is re-integrated beyond exchanges

While partial, Ripple’s victory in its never-ending case against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (or SEC) is now seeing it back on track in the crypto world

In fact, the ruling on 13 July by US District Judge Analisa Torres finally put an end to what had been in dispute since December 2020, affirming that XRP is not a security

This led the price of XRP on that day to jump from $0.47 to $0.81, finally unlocking so many outstanding issues with the crypto company Ripple Labs. 

Among the many, CoinFlip, one of the world’s largest crypto ATMs, recently joined in, announcing its integration of XRP. 

Specifically, XRP is available for purchase on CoinFlip through its Order Desk, which offers customers free access to personalized managers who are on hand to guide them step-by-step through the purchase process and provide assistance if they have any questions. 

Crypto ATM CoinFlip and the new Ripple (XRP) integration

The new integration of Ripple (XRP) on the crypto ATM, was described as follows by Ben Weiss, CEO and co-founder of CoinFlip:

“The recent SEC ruling surrounding XRP provided a much-needed boost to the crypto industry by restoring confidence and signaling a positive shift toward regulatory clarity,” said Ben Weiss, CEO and co-founder of CoinFlip. “Following an exponential increase in demand for the token, it was only natural for us to expand our offerings to include XRP. We are excited to further empower individuals with yet another powerful tool to navigate the evolving digital economy as we strive to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone.”

Weiss notes how XRP’s price pump on the day of Judge Torres’ ruling was a “natural” reason to reconsider the idea of integrating the asset into its crypto ATM. 

CoinFlip seems well versed when it comes to “expansion.” Indeed, the company behind the crypto ATM grew impressively in 2022, nearly doubling its number of employees, exceeding $130 million in revenue, and expanding its presence in Puerto Rico, Canada, and Australia. 

Coinbase’s crypto-exchange has also returned to list XRP

CoinFlip followed suit with crypto-exchanges that immediately after XRP’s ruling, returned to list it. 

First among them was Coinbase, which in a tweet of its own, celebrated along with Ripple its victory and announced its decision to re-list the crypto on its platform. 

The second crypto-exchange to re-list XRP, was then the Canadian BitBuy. In this case, though, the communication to the community was made by an XRP enthusiast with a tweet rather than the exchange. 

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