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Gemini lists Ripple (XRP): a win for the crypto exchange of the Winklevoss twins

One of the latest developments that has caught the attention of the crypto community concerns Gemini, the renowned cryptocurrency exchange founded by the Winklevoss brothers in 2015, which appears to be hinting at a significant move regarding the listing of Ripple (XRP).

This comes in the wake of a crucial legal ruling and the resurgence of interest in the digital asset. Let’s delve into the details of Gemini’s potential listing of XRP and the implications for the broader cryptocurrency market.

Gemini listing of the crypto Ripple (XRP) stirs excitement in the community

Gemini has a history of making waves in the cryptocurrency sector, and its recent tweet about XRP’s listing has ignited speculation and excitement among enthusiasts. 

The exchange, known for its commitment to compliance and user experience, dropped a cryptic hint suggesting that a major development involving XRP is on the horizon. 

Although no official confirmation has been provided, the mere possibility of XRP being listed on Gemini has put the cryptocurrency world on edge.

XRP’s journey has been marked by regulatory scrutiny and legal battles. However, a significant turning point was reached on 13 July, when Judge Torres ruled that the sale of XRP on exchanges and through algorithms does not constitute an investment contract. 

This ruling was celebrated as a major victory for the cryptocurrency industry, as it shed light on the regulatory status of XRP. 

Following this ruling, several exchanges, including Kraken, Crypto.com, Bitstamp, and Binance.US, rushed to reinstate XRP on their platforms.

In light of the favorable ruling, Gemini wasted no time in expressing its intention to explore the possibility of listing XRP. Shortly after the verdict on 13 July, the exchange tweeted that it was considering offering XRP for both spot trading and derivatives. 

This move signaled a renewed interest in providing its users with access to XRP, further increasing the legitimacy and acceptance of the digital asset within the broader crypto ecosystem.

The Ripple effect on the community

The enthusiasm generated by exchanges reinstating XRP reflects the community’s strong support for the cryptocurrency. As major platforms embrace XRP again, community members eagerly await Gemini’s announcement, anticipating the possibility of trading XRP on one of the industry’s most renowned exchanges.

CoinFlip’s listing of XRP and its significance

The momentum surrounding XRP’s resurgence has been further fueled by the cryptocurrency’s listing on CoinFlip’s platform. CoinFlip, a major fintech company, announced its decision to list XRP, making it available for purchase through its Order Desk, a service that facilitates over-the-counter trading. CoinFlip’s recognition of XRP’s potential highlights its growing importance in the digital asset space.

Operating the largest network of cryptocurrency ATMs globally, CoinFlip’s decision to integrate XRP demonstrates the growing demand and acceptance of cryptocurrency as a viable investment option. With thousands of ATMs spread across several countries, this development increases the accessibility and convenience of XRP trading for individuals.

Advances on Gemini’s next move

As anticipation builds and the cryptocurrency community eagerly awaits Gemini’s potential listing of XRP, the industry at large is filled with possibilities. The exchange’s reputation for adherence to regulatory standards and commitment to providing a seamless trading experience make it a natural choice for those seeking to get involved with XRP in a safe and reliable environment.


The cryptocurrency landscape is constantly evolving, and each new development has the potential to reshape the industry. Gemini’s announcement of an XRP price highlights the growing acceptance of digital assets within traditional financial ecosystems. Following the regulatory clarity provided by the ruling on 13 July, XRP has re-emerged with vigor, finding a place on major exchanges and platforms. As enthusiasts and investors eagerly await Gemini’s announcement, the broader cryptocurrency community remains united in its shared aspiration for a more inclusive and innovative financial future.