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Crypto Horoscope from 11 to 17 September

New week and new Crypto Horoscope for the week of 11th to 17th September.

This week is marked by the following transits:

  • Mercury returns direct in Virgo;
  • the New Moon in Virgo on Friday 15/9.

For several months now, we have been dedicating space to the Crypto Horoscope, written by Stefania Stimolo, an expert in astrology and blockchain. It is a weekly column with the horoscope of each sign of the zodiac, available every Sunday only on The Cryptonomist. 

With our slogan “Let’s Tell the Future”, we wanted to delve into the subject with this fun column. 

The Crypto Horoscope

We call it the Crypto Horoscope for the simple fact that it uses industry terminology. 

Words like NFT, metaverse and Over-the-Counter to describe stocks and scenarios, but also trading terms like bullish, bull run, bear market or dump to identify the mood of each zodiac sign during the days of the week.

Of course, you cannot miss the famous “to-the-moon” to indicate the mood of that sign! 

In general, you may be going through a “hard-fork” period, which means ‘inner split’, or you may be passing your torch to the next sign, which means the Sun is moving on to the next sign. 

Or you may simply need to reflect on certain situations that go into “verify”, i.e. when the planet is in dissonance with the sign. Not only that, but each time the Sun moves through the constellations, the roadmap for each sign touches a new step. 

Of course, no investment advice is given; on the contrary, it is pure entertainment, just like any other horoscope. It has to be said that there are many newcomers to the industry who have understood the specific crypto terminology thanks to The Cryptonomist horoscope. 

“Don’t trust, Verify”

Astrology is not an exact science, but it does try to predict the future in its own way. So why not apply the typical blockchain phrase “Don’t Trust, Verify”? 

And indeed, what the author wants to propose is her interpretation of the planetary transits that occur during the week, describing the reaction of each zodiac sign, following the ‘logic’ of traditional astrology. 

For those of you who are astrology lovers, you could also keep up to date with the transits that are announced each week and that affect us in some way. A Mercury retrograde, rather than full moon days. 

Others, on the other hand, could go to the special page that is updated every Sunday and read the horoscope of their own sign, their own Ascendant or, why not, even the horoscopes of their friends and loved ones. 

So, for entertainment purposes only, don’t waste any time and click here to read your horoscope for this week!