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Welly: revolutionizing fast food in partnership with crypto Shiba Inu

Important crypto news in the restaurant industry, with the launch of an innovative food project created through a collaboration between Welly and Shiba Inu

Specifically, the project leverages blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to promote wellness, sharing and transparency. Below are all the details. 

Crypto news: the partnership in catering between Welly and Shiba Inu 

As anticipated, a revolutionary food project leveraging blockchain technology and crypto was recently born through the collaboration between Welly and Shiba Inu. 

Specifically, the fast food designed for the future is wellness-oriented, participatory and transparent

It is no coincidence that Welly, an innovative model of healthy dining from Naples that specializes in selling chicken and salads, is founded on these three core principles. 

In addition, Welly has established an exclusive partnership with Shiba Inu, one of the world’s most influential cryptocurrencies. Paolo Bellucci, a member of the team, points out the following about this: 

“We have created a community of 5,000 members on Discord and boast over 50,000 followers on Twitter. In the meantime, we have received more than 400 applications to open franchises from different countries around the world.”

What makes this project truly unique is the adoption of a system characteristic of cryptocurrencies known as DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). 

In essence, it is an organization that operates based on the decisions of investors, who have direct influence on crucial aspects of the brand, from design to corporate identity through logistical and strategic decisions. 

Paolo Bellucci continues:  

“We want to become the first fast food restaurant in the world completely run by our community.”

Welly: a gastronomic concept that goes beyond food by offering transparency

Welly stands out for its commitment to offering not only food, but also transparency. By introducing a traceable supply chain on the blockchain, it provides consumers with detailed information about where the products it uses come from.

Welly’s menu focuses primarily on chicken, with influences from Mediterranean cuisine and a focus on health, such as the option of roasted croquettes instead of fried ones. 

Still Paolo Bellucci comments on this as follows: 

“We have created a balanced and targeted menu, avoiding dispersions. We have chosen a smaller menu to better satisfy the request for product traceability.”

Welly’s team is composed of professionals with diverse skills, including Gianmaria d’Aniello, Paolo Bellucci and Vincenzo Maietta for marketing and web 3 management, along with Stefano Guglielmini and Roberto Bianco, experts in the restaurant industry. 

The technology and innovation department is led by the team “Katametron,” headed by Francesco Capasso.

The idea of creating a fast food restaurant came about following the success of an NFT collection, which caught the attention of Shiba Inu managers, who chose to support the project.

Meanwhile, Welly has planned to open its first store in Naples in December this year, followed immediately by the opening of the first ghost kitchen dedicated to Welly salads, a product destined to be on supermarket shelves and beyond. 

Also on the agenda is the opening of the first franchise by the end of 2023. Currently, Welly offers several investment opportunities, including ghost kitchens, vending machines, pickup points, and the possibility of opening flagship store franchises.

Focus on the price of crypto Shiba Inu 

Based on the latest analysis, we see that during the current correction phase, the SHIB token has attracted considerable buying interest, settling around the $0.000007 level. 

Specifically, a change from the previous bearish trend to a sideways movement is revealed, suggesting a possible end to the downtrend

Moreover, with the general improvement in sentiment in the cryptocurrency market, meme coin traders may view this new base at $0.000007 as a potential catalyst for a recovery.

With an intraday gain of 1.66 percent, the price of Shiba Inu formed a Morning Star candle configuration right at the $0.000007 level. This is the second price reversal at this key support within a month, indicating the formation of a bullish technical pattern known as the “Double Bottom.”

This pattern theoretically represents the accumulation of buyers at these lower levels, suggesting the possibility of an impending bullish phase. With the current momentum generated by this technical formation, the token price can be expected to break above immediate resistance located at $0.0000076

A clear breakout above this key resistance, confirmed by the closing of a daily candle above this level, could provide a solid base for further gains. In the event of a breakout, the subsequent rally could lead the token price to rise a further 15 percent, reaching the $0.0000087 threshold.

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