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Bitcoin Hash Price Near Record Lows, BTC Holders Overwhelmingly Buying $ROE in Presale: Here’s Why


With the hash price on the Bitcoin network edging closer to an all-time low, miners are feeling the pain as their profitability dwindles. As a result, BTC holders are shifting their attention to an AI-powered token called $ROE that is set to revolutionize financing in Web3.


Borroe.Finance Appreciates the Need for Quick Access to Funds in Web3

Given that the traditional revenue financing has triggered various pain points like heightened frustrations by participants, Borroe.Finance ($ROE) seeks to tackle this challenge through its Polygon-based decentralized NFT marketplace.

By democratizing the Web3 fundraising process, Borroe.Finance is depicting itself as a game-changer that intends to lower the barrier to entry in this field.

Borroe.Finance enables Web3 content creators, businesses, and artists to quickly access funds by using their future earnings or incomes as collateral on its peer-to-peer ecosystem. As a result, the atmosphere created is that of willing buyer and seller, given that the future earnings are converted into NFTs.

As a result, Borroe.Finance is making a name for itself as one of the most popular NFT marketplaces in decentralized finance (DeFi) that intends to spur more innovations in Web3.

As one of the best DeFi projects, Borroe.Finance enables the customization of fundraising requests, enabling users to depict specific business needs.

This explains why Borroe.Finance ’s native token $ROE is mooning, given that it is already done with presales at the Beta Stage and Stage 1. After recently entering Stage 2, investors are all smiles as their profitability has jumped by 50% from the Beta Stage where the price was set at $0.01.

At the current price of $0.015, Borroe.Finance is illustrating itself as the best crypto for beginners based on its friendly price and long-term prospects of revamping Web3 financing.

Enhanced user experience is at the heart of Borroe.Finance because it eliminates the lengthy verification procedures accustomed with legacy revenue financing platforms. For instance, the platform uses AI-powered risk assessment to determine the sellers’ credit rating needed to determine eligible loans.

These game-changing initiatives are making $ROE one of the top crypto coins as Borroe.Finance continues grabbing investors’ attention as one of the top DeFi projects.  


With Bitcoin’s Hash Price Plummeting, What’s Next for Miners?

Given that hash price determines the revenue received by a miner based on the hashing power’s petahash per second (PH/s), this metric has been nosediving on the Bitcoin network.

Notably, miners are currently receiving $62 daily per PH/s, according to the Hashrate Index. This drop is more than double what was recorded in early May where the hash price was $127 per PH/s.

To understand how the hash price has significantly dived is that miners were raking in upwards of $400 daily per PH/s during the 2021 bull run.

Some of the factors contributing to a dwindling BTC hash price entail mining difficulty and hash rate surging to historic highs. Hash rate is a metric used to determine the security and performance of the Bitcoin network, and is determined by the average number of hashes per second generated by miners.

The hash rate has been experiencing exponential growth, recording all-time highs (ATH) as it edges closer to 400 million TH/s, according to market insight provider Glassnode.

Source: Glassnode

With BTC miners’ profitability slumping, this could trigger the closure of various mining pools.

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