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Bitget: Gracy Chen named to Forbes Business Council

Bitget’s Chief Executive Officer, Gracy Chen, has been named a member of the Forbes Business Council.

Bitget: Gracy Chen and her appointment to the Forbes Business Council

Gracy Chen, CEO of the famous crypto exchange Bitget, has been appointed to the Forbes Business Council

Here are Chen’s words on her new membership:

“I am deeply honored by this appointment and look forward to collaborating with other visionary business leaders on the Forbes Council,” said Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget. “This is a tremendous opportunity to help drive mainstream adoption of digital assets and further our mission of building an open and inclusive industry.”

In practice, the Forbes Business Council is an important platform where established leaders come together to discuss and share best practices. 

Members are handpicked and participate in discussions on current issues affecting industries and the global business landscape. It is a forum that combines experience and the latest research to promote growth, innovation and ethical business practices.

This appointment recognises Chen’s exceptional leadership and underlines Bitget’s commitment to shaping the future of cryptocurrency.

Indeed, Chen will support discussions on topics such as decentralised finance, blockchain innovation and diversity in technology.

Bitget and the story of Gracy Chen, the newest member of the Forbes Business Council

Chen’s story in the crypto sector began in 2014, when she recognised the potential of bitcoin and decided to invest. 

The following year, Chen also helped launch the first decentralised wallet in Asia and was nominated as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum.

Not only that, but Chen is currently one of the members of the popular TV show “Killer Whales”, where he evaluates Web3 and blockchain projects. Her skills are backed by a background in applied mathematics and a Master’s degree from MIT, allowing her to bring analytical expertise and a data-driven perspective to investment decisions. 

At Bitget, Chen has continued to work on improving the popular crypto and copy trading platform. Not only that, but in order to ‘spread the word’, Chen has managed to secure notable partnerships such as that between Bitget and football champion Lionel Messi

Another thing that sets Chen apart is the fact that she is a woman in the crypto industry, and has been involved in several campaigns to promote and inspire women’s involvement in the crypto and blockchain space.

Chen’s analysis for the crypto market: the bitcoin ETF and the Ripple case

Last July, Chen talked about hers predictions for the cryptocurrency sector, focusing his analysis on two major events: the launch of bitcoin spot ETFs and the SEC vs. Ripple case, in which XRP was declared “not a security”. 

And indeed, on this basis, Chen pointed out that BlackRock’s involvement among the Securities and Exchange Commission’s nominees to gain approval for the issuance of its Bitcoin Spot ETF is a fabulous endorsement for BTC. 

Not only that, but Chen also believes that the Ripple case ruling, which saw XRP declared a non-security, would have exonerated other cryptos that have been declared securities in previous cases, such as SOL, ADA, MATIC, FIL and others

For Chen, achieving regulatory clarity could lead to increased investor confidence in the crypto market and, consequently, increased market participation.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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