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The crypto DEX PancakeSwap proposes the launch of veCAKE to increase governance influence and liquidity

PancakeSwap, a leading decentralized multi-chain crypto exchange, is set to revolutionize its governance model through the introduction of voting CAKE (veCAKE). 

This proposal, with over 98% support from the community, aims to increase governance influence, amplify pool liquidity, and reward CAKE stakers.

Revolutionizing the PancakeSwap DEX crypto governance model through the introduction of veCAKE

The introduction of veCAKE establishes a new governance paradigm within the PancakeSwap ecosystem. VeCAKE holders, endowed with increased voting power, gain the authority to direct the issuances of CAKE farms. 

They also have the ability to delegate their voting rights to external protocols, thereby unlocking additional rewards.

This governance model, inspired by Curve Finance and embraced by many decentralized exchanges (DEXs), requires users to lock in their tokens for a predetermined period. 

In return, they receive “ve” tokens, which give them substantial voting rights and often higher protocol rewards. This mechanism incentivizes long-term commitment and aligns users’ interests with the sustained success of the protocol.

The phased rollout of voting indicators, which will initially cover liquidity pools on BNB Chain, Ethereum, and Arbitrum, is a strategic approach outlined in Pancake Swap’s Q4 roadmap. 

CAKE’s initial allocation

The initial allocation of approximately 0.99 CAKE per block in rewards is designed to ensure a seamless transition for liquidity providers. The “Kitchen” team, which is responsible for the management of PancakeSwap, proposes to maintain 40% CAKE during the initial launch. 

This measure aims to maintain competitive returns for major liquidity pools, honor agreements with existing partners, and gradually transition to a new veCAKE-caliber voting system.

Kitchen’s team emphasizes a commitment to minimize disruptions to liquidity depth and fee generation.

Their voting strategy revolves around maintaining competitive returns for major liquidity pools, meeting existing partner commitments, and gradually incorporating smaller farms into veCAKE’s governance framework. 

Over time, Kitchen intends to decrease the direct management of CAKE issues, allowing veCAKE participants to familiarize themselves with the governance process.

The voting period for the proposal, which ends tomorrow at 5:30 AM ET, carries significant weight. If the community approves the proposal, the subsequent promulgation will usher in the launch of veCAKE, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of PancakeSwap governance.

DEX’s current offering

PancakeSwap’s current DEX offering includes several chains, including BNB Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, zkSync Era, Arbitrum, Linea, Base, Aptos, and opBNB. 

This proposal follows PancakeSwap’s recent initiatives, such as revenue sharing with CAKE token stakers in July and the launch of a gaming marketplace last week.

Following the eventual approval of the proposal, the implementation of veCAKE is expected to result in substantial changes in PancakeSwap’s governance dynamics. 

Holders of veCAKE will emerge as key decision-makers, influencing the allocation of CAKE issuances in the various liquidity pools. This new authority not only empowers the community, but also fosters more decentralized and inclusive decision-making.

The phased introduction of voting meters, starting with major chains such as BNB, Ethereum, and Arbitrum, underscores PancakeSwap’s commitment to a meticulous and measured approach. 

The initial reward of about 0.99 CAKE per block aims to strike a balance between incentivizing participation and ensuring a smooth transition for liquidity providers. This strategy aligns with the broader vision of creating a sound and sustainable governance framework.

Maintaining a 40% voting stake by the Kitchen team during the initial launch reflects a pragmatic approach to maintaining stability and continuity. 

By focusing on maintaining competitive returns for key liquidity pools and respecting existing partnerships, the Kitchen team aims to instill confidence in liquidity providers transitioning from the traditional model to the new veCAKE governance system.


As PancakeSwap proceeds into the next stages of veCAKE’s launch, expanding to other chains and liquidity pools, the governance landscape is poised for transformation. 

The overall goal is to gradually reduce Kitchen’s direct management of CAKE issues. This gradual relinquishment of control is in line with the ethos of decentralized governance, which allows the community to take a more active role in shaping the future of the platform.

In conclusion, PancakeSwap’s proposal to introduce veCAKE demonstrates the platform’s commitment to continuous improvement and community involvement.

 The potential implementation of this governance model portends a promising future in which the voice of the community resonates more strongly in shaping the trajectory of one of the leading decentralized exchanges in the cryptocurrency space. 

While the cryptocurrency community eagerly awaits the outcome of the vote, the implications of this proposal extend far beyond PancakeSwap, setting a precedent for decentralized governance models in the broader blockchain ecosystem.