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Switzerland: PostFinance launches its new crypto perfume

PostFinance has announced the launch of its new crypto perfume: “Le Crypt Eau de Parfum”. Available in limited edition, the fragrance dedicated to cryptocurrencies has been created with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Switzerland: PostFinance launches crypto perfume created with the help of AI

The financial services unit of Swiss Post, PostFinance, has launched its new crypto perfume: “Le Crypt Eau de Parfum“.

Basically, the new fragrance that encapsulates the essence of cryptocurrencies has been created with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In the demonstration video, the perfumer Uwe Manasse described in detail the method used for creating the crypto perfume, signed by PostFinance. 

First of all, Manasse would have asked the AI what scent cryptocurrencies should have. The answers suggested different fragrances that then became the ingredients of Le Crypt Eau de Parfum. 

In this regard, the AI would have suggested “silver notes” to evoke the idea of currency, “coriander” perhaps to recall the speed of transactions and banknotes, and “lavender” as a symbol of trust towards PostFinance. 

From this suggestion, Manasse then combined the different fragrances adding also musk and milk, to represent the man, and developed the new crypto perfume. 

Switzerland: the new crypto scent from PostFinance available in its branches

From what has emerged, it seems that Le Crypt Eau de Parfum by PostFinance is currently available in one thousand free samples at Swiss Post branches.

The new crypto perfume created using AI, adds to the multiple products and services, and contests, that PostFinance offers to its cryptocurrency-loving customers.

For example, recently, PostFinance had launched a new contest for its customers involving cryptocurrencies.

Basically, through his PostFinance account, if a customer had invested at least $100 in one of the 11 offered cryptocurrencies, he could have won one of the three bitcoins put up for grabs by the Swiss company. 

The competition lasted until April 30th and, in order to award the prize, PostFinance should proceed with the extraction of the future three lucky winners. 

Binance’s marketing move for International Women’s Day

The crypto perfume from PostFinance arrived right after even Binance, the famous crypto-exchange, had launched its “CRYPTO”, in honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th.

Basically, Binance has implemented a marketing move aimed at attracting the female audience to the sector through its new perfume inspired by cryptocurrencies as well.

And in fact, along with the launch of the perfume, the famous crypto-exchange had added a contest dedicated to women. Specifically, Binance had planned to reward the first 5,000 women who completed a crypto course on Binance Academy with a $25 USDT voucher. 

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