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Challenging the Titans: Can This Fresh Cryptocurrency Eclipse XRP and Polygon?



  • XRP’s lawsuit has entered the remedies-related discovery phase.
  • Polygon’s (MATIC) performance has slowed despite the excitement around its zkEVM upgrades.
  • Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) looks to be the future of meme coins by offering high rewards and greater real-world utilities.

XRP’s lawsuit is heating up as it prepares to pay a fine for selling unregistered XRP to institutional investors in the US. Elsewhere, Polygon’s (MATIC) November rally has been cut short despite excitement around its growing zkEVM services.

Still, Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) offers better growth prospects than both projects. Built on Ethereum, Rebel Satoshi is outperforming new ICOs with its recent 30% increase. Still, can $RBLZ outdo XRP and MATIC? Let’s discuss.

Rebel Satoshi: Early Bird Round Ends with 30% Increase

Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) has become one of the most popular NFT projects in the short time since its presale launch. The project is a community-driven path to creating wealth for members without compromising on the ideals of complete decentralization. Rebel Satoshi has already taken down hedge funds and other centralized powers. Now, it is on a mission to recruit as many interested participants as possible.

Rebel Satoshi imbibes the meme coin culture while incorporating several real-world utilities that increase wealth for its community members. Some of these services include NFT trading, staking of $RBLZ tokens, and launching a play-to-earn game. Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) has also set out to reach a market capitalization of $100 million.

Other benefits available to RebelSatoshi community members include access to special events, discounts on special offers, and a chance to participate in building the network via staking. To earn higher rewards, token holders could opt for longer staking periods or high token stake amounts. By staking tokens, community members also contribute to increasing liquidity on the network.

Rebel Satoshi’s ($RBLZ) blockchain ICO is progressing smoothly. $RBLZ’s first buyers already yielded a 30% increase as it entered Rebels Round 1 of its presale. Now trading at $0.013, $RBLZ’s value would jump by 38.4% to $0.018 by the next round of its presale. Furthermore, $RBLZ would commence its DEX listing process when its value jumps by 92.3% to $0.025.

XRP Struggles with Volatility in November Amid Ongoing Lawsuit

XRP’s performance since the start of November has been marred by volatility despite the ongoing bullishness in the crypto market. The excitement around spot Bitcoin ETFs had increased demand for several tokens, including XRP.

Yet high volatility and sentiments around its court case have reduced its performance. XRP was trading at $0.6095 on November 1. By November 13, XRP had risen by 10.1% to $0.6715. Yet, XRP fell by 9.2% to $0.6094 on November 29.

Ripple’s ongoing lawsuit is now in the remedies-related discovery phase. Many analysts say Ripple Labs will reach a settlement with the SEC. Yet, Ripple Labs could pay a fine for XRP sales to institutional investors in the US. Exports say XRP will only make a proper market recovery when its lawsuit ends. For this reason, XRP might decline further by 12.2% to $0.5349.

Polygon Fails to Reach $1 Despite High Expectations.

Like many top altcoins, Polygon’s (MATIC) market performance had soared in early November, leading to speculations that it could reach the $1 mark. Yet, Polygon (MATIC) has declined sharply over the past few days despite the current market bullishness.

Furthermore, recent upgrades and partnerships in the crypto industry have failed to propel MATIC to $1. MATIC was trading at $0.6681 on November 1. As its bullishness rose, MATIC jumped by 37.0% to $0.9156 on November 14. Roughly two weeks later, MATIC had fallen by 17.2% to $0.7577.

Polygon upgraded its zkEVM services on November 23, hoping to increase user adoption. Many analysts agree that Polygon’s zkEVM had become one of its most popular services in 2023. Furthermore, they expected the upgrades to boost trading activity on Polygon. These analysts conclude that Polygon could still rally before the end of 2023. If this happens, MATIC could jump by 29.0% to $0.978 by early 2024.For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram

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