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Cardano News: the partnership with the Brazilian giant Petrobras on blockchain, crypto, and NFTs.

Among the latest news about Cardano, there is the new partnership with Petrobras, the state giant in the oil sector based in Rio de Janeiro, to launch a new training program on Blockchain, crypto, and NFTs. 

Cardano News: the crypto with Petrobras announces the new blockchain training program

Yesterday, the Cardano Foundation announced the latest news regarding the new partnership with Petrobras, the Brazilian giant in the oil industry based in Rio de Janeiro.

The goal is to launch a new blockchain training program for the multinational’s 40,000 employees, with the content of the Cardano Academy delivered through Petrobras University.

“Announcement of a new partnership. The Cardano Foundation will conduct blockchain training seminars for @petrobras with content from the Cardano Academy delivered through Petrobras University.”

In practice, for the first time, Petrobras employees will be able to expand their understanding and adoption of blockchain technologies, thanks to the new Cardano program. 

And indeed, participants will discuss the potential of blockchain, learn about different use cases and applications of blockchain, and complete interactive quizzes on related topics. 

Not only that, once the course is completed, employees will also receive a blockchain training certificate. Furthermore, for the first 500 Petrobras participants in the Cardano Academy, an NFT will be minted that will evolve with the participants’ progress throughout the training, to track and highlight their achievements. 

Cardano News: the beginning of a long series of initiatives to improve understanding of blockchain, crypto, and NFTs

This collaboration represents for the Cardano Foundation only the beginning of a long series of new initiatives aimed at improving the understanding of blockchain

Specifically, the CEO of the Cardano Foundation, Frederik Gregaard, stated:

“Empowerment through education is a central part of our mission at the Cardano Foundation. This goal includes collaboration with all stakeholders in society to achieve blockchain literacy, from individuals to businesses. Our partnership with Petrobras – a Fortune 500 company and one of the largest public companies in the world – highlights both the interest of businesses in blockchain education and the growing scope of the Cardano Foundation and its mission. We are excited to collaborate with Petrobras and look forward to working with them, both to educate and to explore new use cases for blockchain technology.”

The Cardano Academy is a comprehensive blockchain training program developed by the Cardano Foundation, which provides a reliable resource for those interested in learning more about the potential of blockchain. 

The price of ADA in 2023 and the December bull run

The 2023 of ADA, the native crypto of Cardano, has seen a trend very similar to other major cryptos, although with several months of bear market while the rest was already in a bullish trend. 

Well, at the time of writing ADA is worth $0.60, but in 2023 it started at a price of $0.25, recording a yearly pump of +139%.

However, this does not take away the fact that while Bitcoin and Ethereum started to regain ground starting from October 2023, ADA instead began to experience the bull run of this moment only at the beginning of December. 

In the first week of this month, ADA went from a price of $0.37 to $0.57, reaching its annual high on December 14th at $0.66.

Moreover, just at the beginning of this month, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, took the lead, especially regarding the issue that the US SEC would have classified ADA as an unregistered security.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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